Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Children's Museum

Every month Adalynn's preschool class goes on a field trip and the families are invited. This month we went to the new children's museum. We brought Courtney with us.

Even though I knew the museum had been redone and in a new location, I assumed it would be all the same stuff. There were a lot of new features and exhibits and I was impressed with all the changes. We were there three hours and could have stayed a few more. The first thing we checked out was the water room...probably Lyla's favorite part.

 In one room they had a pirate ship and a castle the kids could run around and play in. They also had dress up clothes and a stage. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was chasing after Lyla the whole time, but here are the girls by the pirate ship.

Upstairs they had a little town, where they had the Smiths grocery store, the auto body shop, a jamba juice, a construction zone, and (the favorite of the day) a pet hospital. That pet hospital, with all the stuffed animals and the lab coats and clipboards were freaking adorable. Oh and the x-rays. Cute, cute, cute.

They also had a jungle gym type area where you could run around and go down slides and they had various science exhibits throughout. The girls loves these tubes--you put the fabric in and the wind sucked them through the tube and shot them out above.
Most of the good pictures I got were of Courtney.

They had an entire art room, where the kids could paint, color, make crafts and draw on the huge glowing white board.

Here you could pull on the rope to lift a car.
And not related but I had to point out Adalynn's Cinderella shoes. When she saw these at Target she was beside herself. She put them on and kept saying, "Oh these are sooo cute. I love them." I am a softy and bought them for her.
We left and grabbed lunch at McDonalds--so not my favorite place, but it was what the girls wanted.

I would love to go back with all the kids. Maybe this summer!


rachel said...

The water room!! We are working on a 3rd grade water project for the end of this month. I wish we could visit and check it out! I love the wind blowing the fabric up. . . Very cool! Wow!

Sam said...

That place sounds so fun. We still need to go to the Children's Museum here. Maybe we'll go once Lexi is out of school.

Also, Lexi loves those shoes. We looked at Target's website and no store within 100 miles has it in size 10, which is what she'd wear since she's just now growing into size 9 1/2.