Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Patricks Day

A few things we did to celebrate St Patrick's day...
My one and only decoration
A craft
Adalynn had a party, Devin did not. So here if the treat I made for Addie's class.
On Sunday, I make the kids green cinnamon rolls for breakfast (kinda gross looking, yeah?). A little leprechaun also left them a little treat and a new kite.

For lunch, I found a green loaf of bread at Great Harvest, so we just had sandwiches.
For dinner we had green wraps and fruit kabobs.
And of course, there was dessert.
After dinner, we took the kids to the park to fly their kites. It was windy and the kites flew wonderfully.

Really, I might as well call it, eat a lot of green food day.


April said...

You really went all out! I always make a traditional Irish dinner but that's it.

Sara said...

you're the best mom. ever.

rachel said...

I really love the one with all the kids and you. That is super cute. Also the one with Jared is cute. Happy St. Patty's! I did the rainbow treat thing too for primary!

Brittany H. said...

I love how all the kids are smiling and cooperating for the pic with Jared--I chalk it up to the photographer! ;)