Monday, March 11, 2013

San Francisco

After 2 months of studying and then taking the bar up in Utah, Jared and I really wanted a break. Plus, we had two free flights (one of them had to be used by March). I asked my parents to watch the kids...they are amazing and took off from work and drove up here. We have never been away from the kids for more than a few I feel like this was a long overdue trip.
Anyways, we decided on San Francisco...mainly out of convenience. We wanted somewhere close since we only had a few days. I wanted to go to the east coast, but I was worried it would be too cold. A couple places we wanted to go to didn't have flights that would work. So, San Francisco it was. We went before when Devin was a little over a year. If you want to see that post, click here--Yes, I am much skinnier and look a lot younger.  
The first day we visited Stanford. It was a really awesome, beautiful campus. The buildings were old and had so much detail. To me, most college campuses don't compare to BYU, but this one definitely surpassed my expectations.

Day 2 we drove down the coast to Santa Cruz. That drive was probably my favorite thing we did. It was beautiful. We kept parking and visiting all the beaches. And there were just hills and hills full of these yellow flowers.

Once we made it to Santa Cruz, we walked on the board walk. All the rides and attractions were closed, so we ate lunch on the pier and then drove back to the hotel.

Saw this on the beach...
The next day we explored the city. It was really busy and parking was a pain. Like I said, we went before a few years ago so there were quite a few things I didn't feel like doing again. But we had a good time. Theses were at the Palace of Fine Arts.


I really liked this door.
One of the only pictures I got of both of us. My camera is kinda big and bulky to take these kind of pictures, which is why we are both not totally in focus.
We walked around the pier and had some clam chowder in a sourdough bowl for lunch. It was really good.

The kids would have loved the sea lions.

 We didn't ride a cable car...just took a picture of one.
Quick picture of Lombard Street. There was a line of cars waiting to go down, so we skipped that and got a picture instead.
Coit Tower
View of the City
And the Golden Gate Bridge (we drove over it earlier)
 That was pretty much it. It was so nice just being with Jared for a few days. We went to a few movies, went out to dinner, and just drove around and talked. I did really miss the kids though. Any time I saw a kid around my kids age I was like "Ow..." Also, Lyla and Addie both got sick so I was worried about them and felt bad my mom and dad had to take care of sick kids. But everything turned out okay.


rachel said...

What a fun trip! Beautiful!

April said...

So nice that you could go on a trip, just the two of you! San Francisco is a fun place.

Brittany H. said...

Kidless trips are bittersweet. Amazing photos--as usual!!