Thursday, March 14, 2013


Addie loves pinecones! I want to remember this. I want to remember that anytime we go to the park, she hunts for them--I always seem to have at least one pinecone in my purse, car, etc. I started putting them in the kitchen in these baskets. I have probably thrown away hundreds while cleaning her room.

 Our friend Lynn brought these gigantic pinecones back from Reno just for her. She really likes them.


Samantha Christensen said...

My girls love collecting "treasures" whenever we're outside. I never let them bring them in the house (I'm not a fun mom like you). So we always have a big pile of leaves, dandelions, pine cones and rocks in front of our door.

Samantha Christensen said...

Also, I think that is so sweet that Lynn brought her a pine cone. What a great guy.

Also, I love your pine cone display.

Samantha Christensen said...

I showed Lexi this post and when she saw the picture of Adalynn and the big pine cone she exclaimed, "WOW! I love it." I think she wants to start a collection of her own now.