Monday, January 28, 2013

Photo Dump

Going through my pictures tonight and wanted to put some on the blog.

She likes to climb and has started pushing the chair to the counter (and then climbs on the counter).  

Addie and Courtney
Sisters! These two play so well together.

 Devin doing his homework
Right before school
I've been playing in my studio more lately.


Sam said...

That picture of Adalynn running in the grass is priceless. I love it! You're girls are so cute! I'm so happy that they love each other. Also that second picture of Tyler is hilarious! I need to call you to hear the birth story.

April said...

Great pictures! Adalynn is SO pretty!

Brittany H. said...

Your kids aren't really that cute, are they? (Well, I thought I had to change it up since every time I get on here, I gush and gush!) Addie's boot are A-dorable! Such a cute girl!!