Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

The kids are back to school today and I finally have some free time to blog. I probably could have over the break but we bought a new computer and I finally feel like I am getting used to is so much faster and has so much more storage and ram...I love it.
We left for Arizona the Sunday before Christmas. To say we were excited would be a huge understatement.

Sunday night my mom had a special FHE with everyone that was there...she had the kids give Jesus a present and put it under the tree (she is the primary president and did the same thing earlier with the primary kids). The kids also helped finish decorating the tree.

Christmas Eve we hung out and waited for the rest of my siblings to arrive.

 After dinner we made gingerbread houses. Johnny, Josy, Jared, the kids and I all worked together to make a little village...the houses were really small and perfect because Devin and Addie had their own little house to decorate.

Jen, Jake and James' Hobbit house.
Mom and Steph's house

Opening one present Christmas Eve night. James dressed up as Santa (my dad has a legit looking Santa suit) and walked by in the backyard while they were opening their present...which totally freaked the kids out. I should have had the video camera on...their reaction was hilarious.
Christmas morning! My siblings and parents continue to spoil my kids like is really sweet of them. I think Devin now has every possible ninja turtle action figure and weapon and Addie has way too many new barbies.

Jake and Jen's turn to get a gun. And a little flirting book to help James out at BYU

Shooting guns later that day

 The next day we got pizza and went bowling.

Devin modeling another of my mom's wig. I tried so hard to get one with Lyla but she was not having it.
At Dairy Queen. My dad let the kids make their own blizzards...

 My dad took us out to the nicest steak place in Payson.

Our last day...Devin and Jared shot the paint ball gun and my mom gave Devin a bow and arrow (which he has been shooting non-stop since we got home).

Oh and Devin lost a tooth while we were there. He lost one a few days before Christmas and the other one a few days after. I think he looks so cute.  

Lyla is starting to get some major attitude. She did this a lot while we were there...she would cross her arms and give you a scowl. She is smiling in this picture though.
This was my Christmas present. My dad had a patient that was moving out of the country and needed to sell her piano...he called to ask if I was interested and I told him I was (of course!) I didn't think I would actually be getting it to Vegas for a few months, but my brother James brought it up on his way to Provo. I am so excited to start playing again and I'm already looking into piano lessons for Devin (and maybe Adalynn).

And that was our Christmas!


rachel said...

Merry belated Christmas !! What a great primary idea, I am saving that one for next year!

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