Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Update

I have only one blog post for January. So I thought I would give a little update.
For those of you who don't know Jared is studying to take the Utah bar. It is nice because his firm will pay for him to take it (and it is not a cheap test once you are an attorney!). The other really great thing is that if he passes Utah, he can also pay to practice in Arizona. Kinda a two for one deal. Everyone assumes that this means we are either moving to Utah or Arizona in the near future, but it really doesn't. I actually really like it here in Vegas, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life here. I would love AZ because I would be close to my family but I don't want to live in the Phoenix area. And we love Utah, but just not sure about that either. At least this will provide us with more opportunities if and when we leave.
But anyways, Jared works all day and studies all night and weekends. I think it was harder on me the last time he took the bar. The kids and I miss him though. Of course we are keeping busy. And Jared and I are planning a trip the weekend after he takes it. We have never been away from the kids overnight. My mom and dad are coming to watch the kids and we are going to San Fransisco (we have two free flights so it works out well). I'm looking forward to that!
Devin and Addie are quite busy with school. Addie is doing so well and had made a lot of progress. We are working hard on her speech and she is just about ready to start reading. She is becoming my easiest kid (used to be Lyla but not anymore). She is helpful, she loves doing her homework, she gets along with everyone.
Devin is also doing well. He is still quite far behind in school, but he has made so much progress this year and I am pleased about that. He just made me buy him a journal and he has been writing in it non-stop. He loves math. Reading and spelling (and speech) he still struggles with. I am looking into finding a private speech therapist but since he is not autistic our insurance will not cover it. And one 30 minute session is a lot (the cheapest I found was 50, but the average is more like 100). That is for one 30 minute session once a week. That is a lot of money for us, but if it helps him, it will be worth it! He is a great kid (when he is not picking fights with Adalynn). He is growing up way too fast. He is in senior primary and on Sunday we have his baptism preview...crazy that by the end of this year I will have a kid in cub scouts.
Lyla is becoming quite the feisty toddler. She is a happy baby (yes, I still think of her as a baby) but she puts up such a fight to get what she wants. She refuses to sit in her high chair and getting her into a shopping cart takes most of my upper body strength. She reminds me of Devin...he was my climber and runner...she does the same thing. She has a few words, mostly she says "no" and "ew." She is in nursery now and doesn't like it. She loves dogs. She is obsessed with her pink blanket (one my aunt made for me when I was a baby). She also loves babies. So, in those aspects, she reminds me of Addie.
I decorated for Valentines Day a week ago...I have been a little bored with Jared gone and only Lyla around during the day.

So the secret to keeping candy in these jars is to get candy the kids don't like. They wont touch the conversation hearts. I had to take the picture right after I put the M & Ms in the jar because had I waited 10 minutes that jar would have been empty.

I found these cute candle holders at Rod Works. I love that they are 3-d.
 And a few random pictures of the kids to end this post...
Playing with the tablet. I am loving all the educational games we've downloaded! I almost don't care that I never get to use it for reading because I know they are learning.
The kids loved this activity....I use it when Addie practices her speech works (she says a word 5 times then gets to squirt vinegar onto the baking soda).
Watching Lord of the Rings. They were bored after about 10 minutes. Devin wants to see them since Jared took him to The Hobbit last month.


April said...

Hang in there! "They too shall pass" as they say. I'm glad to hear that Adalynn is doing so well! Amelia misses her in Primary. Your decorations look super cute as always.

Wilkerson Weekly said...

I'm with you on the private therapy. The school does their best but they just have too many kids to service. While it is better than nothing, it is not good enough.

I would talk to the school and find out if they know of any offices that have specialized funding. Some therapist offices are non-profits and work hard to make services affordable. Another idea is to ask around to see if there is a certified speech therapist in your ward or stake who would work with Devin privately. Then you could probably pay more like $25/ hour.

Good luck! And have so, so much fun on your trip!

rachel said...

That will be awesome to have two states added. Colby passed Az after Ak and I have to say taking one for there and Ak was a TOTAL pain. I feel for you in a real way. Although options are always a plus right? Have fun in San Fran!