Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Reason Behind Christmas

I love this video.
What a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas and what we can do to show our love for Christ.

December Activities

I am going to clump all our Christmas shenanigans in one post. Like past years, we have been keeping busy, and trying to get in all our annual traditions before we leave for AZ.
Decorating the tree.
This is the first year we have gotten a real tree. It smells so good.
We thought Jared was going to trial this week so even though Devin and Lyla didn't feel good, I wanted to decorate the tree with Jared since it was the only night he was going to be home.

Last year, my mom got us the little people nativity. The girls play with it every day. And they don't touch the other three nativities--so that is good. Thanks mom!

Jared's case settled (hurray) so he was around all week. Thursday we went to the Bass Pro shop to see Santa, play some games, and run around the store.

Playgroup was at our house this week so the kids made a Santa ornament and these treats (using the Christmas tree as a backdrop is fun).

Saturday was the Boulder City parade. Brain and Tashina reserved the bowling alley so we bowled before the parade. The parade was get that small town feel which I love.

On our way home we stopped at Ethel M. We walked around the cactus gardens and got a group shot with all the kiddos. Jared ran into some friends from his mission, and he had Lyla, so she is not in the picture.
The next week for FHE we went to a house near us that plays Christmas music with the programmed light show. Lyla kept singing Jungle Bells which was the cutest thing ever.

 Friday night we went to the Live Nativity.

Saturday was our ward Christmas party. It was a pancake breakfast and the theme was Joy to the World. The kids got to see Santa again, and they were in the program as an angel and shepherd. I didn't get any pictures of the program because I was backstage helping.

Last night we went to Town Square for some fake Vegas snow!

And then we finished off the night with the Bellagio.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Devin's Baptism

Like I mentioned in my last post, Devin turned 8 on November 27th and his baptism was that Saturday. We have been talking about and preparing for this day for a while. We had quite a few family home evenings centered around baptism and I even pulled out my old baptism book to show the kids.
Saturday my mom gave Devin a present. She talked to him earlier in the month about the three "bears" (the things you promise when you are baptized). She got him a bag of gummy bears, along with this bear and towel she made. It was one of the sweetest things and cool because it makes it easier to remember those covenants you make. Anyway, thanks mom!

We arrived at the church, but only had enough time for a few pictures. I am usually so good about taking pictures, but I realize now that I didn't get all the ones I wanted. I didn't get one of me and Devin. I didn't get one of him with his grandparents. I didn't get one with him and the girls. Oh well!

The program.

Dressed and ready to go

I won't go into too much detail about  the baptism, but I will say it was a wonderful day for me and our family--the spirit was strong. One of my favorite parts was when we were waiting for Devin and Jared and some of the family got to bear their testimonies. It was very special for me to hear a few thoughts from my parents, Garth, and Michelle. I wish we had had time for more. I also loved the blessing Jared gave him.
After the baptism we went to the gym to have dinner. My dad was awesome and brought pulled pork he cooked in the pit a few days earlier. It was wonderful being with our families and friends and I felt so blessed that they were all there. I hope they all know how happy I am they were there.
A few pictures after...I swear, most of the pictures I took were of people eating! What was I thinking?! Again, I wish I had taken pictures of Devin with each individual family that was there.

Thank you to everyone that came. It meant so much to Devin and our family.