Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A new preschool

I haven't really gotten into Devin and Adalynn and their speech/academic issues this year. Watching my kids struggle has been so hard on me--it very emotional. Like all moms, I want the best for my kids...I am constantly wondering what else I can be doing to help them and also questioning if what I am doing the right thing for them. I feel guilty a lot of the time wondering if there was something I could have done but didn't.  

 I will have to save talking about Devin for another day, but just a bit about Adalynn since she started a new program last week that I am very excited about. She has been seeing a speech therapist twice a week since about March of this year. We haven't seen much progress, so we found out she qualified for a free speech program through the school district that was four afternoons a week at a nearby school. It basically is a preschool, but they really focus on helping the kids correct speech problems. Adalynn is quite hard to understand...she is doing well in all other areas and that is exactly what this classroom is who are where they should be academically/socially/physically, but have either speech impediments or delays.They provide transportation also, which is nice even though she is on the bus for over an hour every day. 
I debated about whether I should keep her in her other preschool. She loves Ms. Tina and all her friends go to Tina. This preschool emphasizes learning the letters, sounds, numbers, and all the other skills that they need for Kindergarten. I strongly felt I should keep her in both preschools since they both are geared towards two different areas and I don't want her to fall behind in either area

Tuesdays and Thursdays are long and crazy--she is in school from 9-4. I take her at 9, pick her up at noon. Then take her again at 12:30 (the bus can't pick her up these days because they come at 12:15 and that isn't enough time to eat). Then the bus drops her off around 4:00. (by-they-way, I also pick Devin up at 3:30 from tutoring and squeeze  in a nap for is nuts).  I worry that all this might be too much for her. But I also want her caught up and I would hate to see her struggle the way Devin has. 

So far she has surprised me and she is loving it. She doesn't complain and seems excited to go (albeit tired at the end of the day). So I figure, even though it is tricky for me getting her to and from, and it is long days for her, I hope it is the best thing for her, especially in the long run.  


Wilkerson Weekly said...

I know what it is like to worry about doing the right things to help your kids. I know all about the guilt and stress and sadness. It sounds like you are doing the best thing for Adalynn.

Michelle said...

You're an awesome mom Val. Don't question yourself about what you have or haven't done. I'm always in awe of you.

April said...

You know what is best for her, and it sounds like you've found it! It's hard raising kids without dealing with extra problems beyond the "normal". I'm glad to hear that she's doing well and didn't have to give up Miss Tina's preschool. Tina does a great job.