Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jared in Chicago

Jared planned a man trip to go to the BYU vs Notre Dame game with some friends months ago. We debated getting a little point and shoot camera, because I wanted to see pictures and I wasn't going to send my bulky camera with him. But Jared's coworker let him borrow her camera which was great. Jared took way more pictures that I thought he would--looking at them makes me wish I had gone--the old buildings and fall foliage alone would have been worth going.

 I really should make Jared write this post, but I'll do my best. 

Friday they ran around Chicago seeing different sights. 
They went to the Chicago Temple first.  
This was a lighthouse Brian wanted to see.
A house on the grounds of the lighthouse.
A quick picture of Wrigley Field...

At Navy Pier
That night they went to a Bulls game. Bulls won. Obviously this was a sports themed weekend.
Notre Dame's Campus
The band getting ready to play and lead all the fans to the game. .
Go Cougars!
Jared told me this game was the best college game he has ever been to. The fans were so nice and welcoming. The stadium is very old school--the seats are old wood and there are no ads or large tvs with instant re-play. There is a lot of tradition and just an overall great atmosphere. 
Sad that BYU lost though!
The next day. I want trees like that in my front yard!
Sears Tower.
Chicago skyline
Another cool sculpture at a park
The Bean


April said...

I LOVE Chicago! We were married at the Temple there. Great pictures!

Sam said...

I told Sean that we would know if it was a good trip if Jared blogged about it. I was also wondering what you'd do about the camera situation. I'm glad he took lots of pictures and had fun.