Saturday, October 20, 2012

Decorating for Halloween

I just get so excited once October gets here. The last three months of the year are my favorite--I really love all the parties, activities, crafts, food, and craziness that comes with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Here are a few things we put up this year. 

I made a new banner with my silhouette .
My sister and I actually share a silhouette and I have been using it a lot since she gets it half the year. My half is just about up.  
 This room looks the same as it did last year...Except I finally got a new family photo.
Jars we made at Super Saturday. I think they will be fun to change up for each holiday and season. The only problem is the candy lasts about 3 minutes.
I made this banner last year and couldn't figure out where to use it this year. It works great above the tv and I like how it fills up the space. I might even have to make another one after Halloween because we have high ceilings and I've always though we needed something above the tv. Jared would probably just prefer a larger tv.
I like displaying photos from past Halloweens. It's fun.
I have more decorations throughout the house--Devin insisted we decorate his room--but this is all I have taken pictures of so far. And can you believe we have less than 2 weeks until Halloween?


Sam said...

Umm, can you say, ADORABLE!!!??? Val, I need to start having you make me some decorations! Seriously, I'll pay you! We only put up half our decorations before I lost steam. This probably won't be the most festive Halloween for us, with a newborn and all so I'm totally gonna live through you and your family :)

April said...

Looks great! I love the jars. Are they hard to make?