Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Last night we carved pumpkins.  
It was Lyla's first time getting in on the action. 

 Devin gagged big time at the beginning (no surprise there). Once he got over the initial disgust, he helped clean his pumpkin out. 
And here are our finished products. Devin wanted a ninja turtle. Addie wanted Cinderella's coach. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Pictures

I wanted to do a fun (quick) photo shoot with the kids and their costumes. So I went to Joanne's to get some burlap. Big mistake. When I got there First thing I did was grab a number for the cutting counter--I was #61...they were on #19! So I grabbed my burlap walked around a bit and about 20 minutes later they were on, maybe #24. So I said, forget this and left. My burlap backdrop will have to wait for another day. 

Plan B worked out just fine! 

Devin as a Power ranger. My sister asked, "Power Rangers? Are they still a thing?" Yes, yes they are. 
Addie as Snow White.

 And Lyla as a Ladybug (the same thing Addie was at her age)
And just for fun we put the chicken costume on Lyla today.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candy Corn

Today I made a few "candy corn" foods. For dinner we had fruit cups and pizza. The pizza didn't come out how I hoped. It was three very different colors of cheese going in the oven, but not so much coming out. The kids still ate it of course. And they really liked the fruit cups.

And for dessert, pudding cups. Devin and Adalynn had maybe three bites and were done. Probably full from Trunk or Treat candy (which was last night).
 Do you like candy corn? The kids and I do--Lyla and Adalynn especially gobble it up.

Lyla's First Dentist Appointment

All three kids had dentist appointments this week. It was Lyla's first time--she was so cute and pranced on back to the exam room. Normally our dentist doesn't allow parents to come back with the kids during exams, but they let me since this was her first visit. So glad I got to--there is something so exciting about first experiences, even if it is just a dentist appointment. 


Friday, October 26, 2012


A mummy themed dinner

Mummy dogs
Devin thought I told him we were having money dogs. Pretty sure he was disappointed when I told him there was no money inside of them. 
Mummy Juice Boxes
And for dessert, Mummy cupcakes. 
And a few more pictures from today...
Addie helping make the cupcakes...and just being silly

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Addie's feet
I took this before I added mouths. Ha.   

Lyla's feet 
(Devin was at school)

Ghost Pancakes. 
Devin and Adalynn both asked where their mouths were. Addie made me draw a mouth on hers with a food marker.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Pumpkin play dough. I  just made regular play dough, added orange food coloring and pumpkin pie spice. Devin thought they were oranges. That would be cute too.
And Pumpkin bread bowls. I guess I am a creature of habit, because I make these every year around Halloween. I made one of my favorite soups to go in it, but if anyone has an awesome broccoli/cheese soup send it my way.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Harvest Festival

Every year our community throws a Harvest Festival. We went last year and enjoyed it, so I took the kids again this year--Jared was out of town at the BYU game. We got there early so the kids could do the rides and games before there were any lines. I'm glad we did...about 45 minutes into it they ran out of pumpkins and food and the lines were crazy long.

The kids LOVED it! They started on the blow up toys and then played some games. The games are pretty lame, but kids don't care, right? Lyla was so good and just hung out in the stroller.
They loved being able to pick out their own pumpkins (and I like that I don't have to buy them their own at the store now). 
They had some pretty good food. They had funnel cake (fries), cotton candy, popcorn, and caramel apples. Devin was a huge fan of the funnel fries and kept trying to go back for more. Lyla loved the cotton candy. 

They had a hay ride which was Adalynn's favorite thing. I even caved in and let her go on one more ride at the very end even thought the line was so long. 

 There you have it.

Oreo Spiders

I saw these on pinterest and thought they would be easy to make. I love those little eyes--I used to make my own, but you can buy them from Wal-mart. Score! Anyways, cute little yummy spider.