Sunday, August 26, 2012

The rest of San Diego

Friday we did quite a few things around San Diego. We first stopped at the temple. The San Diego temple is stunning.

This is what I got when I told them I wanted one of all three.

About 5 minutes after I took these, poor Adalynn was stung by a bee, which was our cue to leave.

Next stop, the Mormon Battalion. I was very impressed by how hands on and interesting it was. They have different rooms where they show videos to explain the story of the Mormon Battalion. They dressed Devin up in the clothes similar to the the clothes the soldiers would have worn and let him hold a gun--it was cute. Then after the tour, you get an old time photo taken and printed and you can go outside and pan for gold, among other things. Devin and Adalynn really enjoyed that.
If you want to read the story of the Mormon Battalion here it is

After getting lunch we went swimming at our hotel, then later, headed to La Jolla to play on the beaches there. We had been waiting for Josh to get to San Diego all day (he hit awful traffic so instead of getting there at noon he met us at about 5). We were all pretty happy to see him!
I loved this beach. So pretty, and not quite as smelly as Coronado. The water was also much warmer than Coronado.

 Happy baby!

 After the beach we had dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant that was featured on Diners Drive ins and Dives. We went swimming again with Josh. Then we had a little sleep over with Josh..poor guy had to share a bed with Devin and Adalynn. But it took him so long to get there and he didn't want to just turn back around and go home, so he stayed with us.
 The next morning, on his way home.


Michelle said...

What a fun trip? I think the lady looks like Christine.

rachel said...

It doesn't get much better than the beach and the temple! I love all the temple pics with the kids!