Saturday, August 25, 2012

San Diego Day 1

Last week we decided to get away to San Diego! It was so, so much fun! We thought it would be cool to take the kids to Legoland (somewhere Devin has been dreaming about for a few years)--but we didn't tell them we were going until we pulled up to the park.
We left Thursday and got to San Diego just in time for lunch. (Side note...One thing I love about Vegas is our central location. We are about 6 hours to Utah, 6 hours to my family in AZ, and a few hours to the beach). We ate lunch then checked into our hotel. Don't you love how excited kids are in hotels? Maybe it is because they were just in a car for 5 hours, but they were jumping from bed to bed and running around like crazy people.

After checking in we headed to the beach. Our really good friend Brian was in San Diego with his boys (We really missed Tashina--she was at a scout training camp) so they met us at our hotel and we followed them. We played and played for hours.
Devin and Landon

 Everyone. And I very much remember staying in that hotel in the background with my family years ago.

Ashton and Adalynn

We buried Devin first. Then Jared added sand boobs. After that all the boys were buried and yes, given boobs.

 Practicing her sports illustrated swimsuit pose.

After the beach, we all went to Balboa Park. This was my favorite part of the whole trip. My camera and I were in heaven...The architecture is incredible (look at all the detail) and the landscape is beautiful. There was something interesting around every corner. The kids just ran around exploring and also loved it!

 You can see all the kids at the bottom of the stairs.

 Brian and I thought this was a very cool door. I would love to come here again, hire a photographer and get family pictures all over the park.
We let the kids play at a playground right before dinner.

After the park Brian took us to a pizza/Italian place. I kid you not, I've never seen so much cheese on pizza before. No skimping there. It was fabulous! We ate dinner and said good bye to the Kendalls and made our way back to our hotel. Legoland tomorrow!


Sam said...

You guys are such fun parents! And I want to get family pictures taken there! And that last picture of Lyla is awesome. I just love the expression on her face. I can't wait to hear all about Devin's dreams coming true at Lego Land.

Sam said...

I've decided that you could put that picture of Lyla on a card. And the inside would read, "Hang in there." Haha. I think it's funny.

Brittany H. said...

hahaha That picture of Lyla is great!