Sunday, August 26, 2012


Friday we took the kids to Legoland. Like I said previously, we didn't tell them we were going beforehand. When we were pulling up Devin kept saying things like, "Hey there is a sign to Legoland." He really didn't figure it out, so we just told him as we were parking--he was excited, of course. Adalynn was indifferent.

So, I took a lot of pictures. And I'm posting a lot. Pretty cool what they can make with legos.

 This was Adventure Land or as Devin called it "Indiana Jones land." Most of the rides in the park were for younger kids...meaning my kids loved them, but a 10 or 11 year old would probably find many of them too kiddy.
Next we went to Castle Hill. There was a Dragon roller coaster the kids liked, and Adalynn really loved the horse ride.

The highlight for Adalynn was seeing a Princess.

Devin pretending to be an Egyptian.
Devin was very excited to see Star Wars land. I think he was a little disappointed there weren't any rides, only figures and scenes from the different movies. Still pretty cool though.

I'm glad I took this one with Addie so you can see how large this building was.
They had a huge Vegas area with a lot of the casinos from the strip. The kids totally recognized many of the the buildings. I really should have taken these with the kids in them so you could see how large they were.

Any time we drive past this in real life, Adalynn tells us all it is the princess castle. And we have also been swimming there with my sister so they also call it Jen's hotel.

 Devin and Harry
At this point I put the camera away! We checked out the water park, which was mediocre, especially after going to Sun Splash. It was pretty hot that day, so the water felt great. One thing I really liked was, in the lazy river, you could build legos on your tube. Cute detail, I thought--I grabbed this pictures from online so you could see what I am talking about.
And that was the first day at Legoland.

The rest of these were taken when we went back Sunday. We had a two day park hopper pass, and I wasn't too excited about going two days back to back. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, but it was tricky with Lyla. She was only able to go on one ride so one of us was always sitting out with her. I also didn't want to go back Saturday when it was supposed to be busy.

 Another Princess! Addie ran right over and wanted a picture.

 How cute is Devin? He loves roller coasters and has no fear.

 Our last stop was where you could build your own car and race them. They both loved this.

And that was Legoland!


Brittany H. said...

Great shot of the boys on the roller coaster. All those lego things are CRAZY! Dash would be in heaven!!

Sam said...

Sean, "I wouldn't want to go on a ride made out of Legos." Haha. Impressive pictures. I'm so glad Devin got to go!