Friday, August 10, 2012

Arizona Part 2

Here is the rest of our week...


We really just hung out at the house these days. The kids went around exploring and playing with the animals (which included dogs, chickens, goats, pigs, and a cow). Here is Lyla looking at the goats.

Another creature we caught
 My mom has a collection of wigs (not really sure why, but she does) and the kids think they are hilarious and love playing dress up with them.

 I canned spaghetti sauce with my dad. Everything we used was from his garden. He had onions, garlic, basil, tomatoes, and another herb I cant think of right now. I think the only thing we used that he didn't grow was the salt and pepper. I love this kind of thing now that I live in Vegas. I just think it is so cool to be able to grow all these things and make something so healthy and natural that my kids will love. And I love learning from my dad.
 I also canned peaches while I was home and brought home red and green bell peppers, zucchini, blackberries, peaches, tomatoes, English cucumbers, carrots, eggplant, corn, jalapenos, canned strawberry applesauce (my kids will eat a whole jar in no time), canned apple pie filling (next time I hope to visit when the apples are ready), and some steak and pork chops. My car was packed! Oh, and we made and froze bacon burgers--my dad grinds hamburger and bacon together and presses them into patties with a tool he has. They are so easy and, yes, so good.

 The last picture of Lyla reminds me of this picture of Devin. He was 8 months, so a little younger. And a lot chubbier!

We went to Mesa to go to Sunspash, which is a waterpark. We went all the time when we were kids. My mom had to work, so it was my dad, James, Steven and the kids. Devin had the time of his life. He was tall enough to go on all the rides, and had no fear. Adalynn went down a few rides, but was being a little wimpy so she mainly hung out in the kids pirate cove. She also liked the lazy river and the wave pool.
Thanks to my dad for taking some pictures while we were there.
 A map of the water park. The ride at the top with the yellow and blue slide was scary. It has a pretty big drop, then you went round and round (reminded me of a toilet) before it flushed you out. Devin kept telling everyone that I screamed like a little girl the whole ride. I did.
 Just like Adalynn, Lyla LOVES dogs. Every morning, after eating she wanted  to go outside and see the "Daw." Pretty sure Dog is her first word. As soon as she saw them she would grin and start squealing. It was adorable.

You would think we would be sick of water at this point, but the kids and I love swimming and water. This time Josy, Jen and Jake came which was cool. My brother James also invited some kids he knows.
This time Devin was much braver on the tube. He got up on his knees and then stood quite a few times. I love that he is flexing.

Jen and Jake
 Josy, mom and Adalynn
And I am just soooooo excited. Josy is having a baby!!! Woot! Woot! She is into her 2nd trimester and will find out what she is having this month. The kids are thrilled also to have a cousin on this side. Josy is going to be such a good mom. She is awesome with my kids!

Was another relaxing day. After a full day at the water park we wanted to just chill.

I've said this a million times, but I love this chair and think it makes for the perfect photo op. Lyla was super grouchy though and nothing my mom or I did would make her smile.The dog was probably the one that got a grin. Annoying, right? However, the next day I noticed four molars had broken through--which totally explains the grouchiness.

And we finished off our trip with making smores in the backyard, which has kinda become a tradition.
Every picture I took had this weird green floating haze above James' head. Probably from his ipad. But maybe a ghost??

SUNDAY we came home! Jared was super sweet and had dinner waiting and had cleaned the house. And he had flowers for me. What a guy!


Brittany H. said...

I probably wouldn't have known the pics of the girls in the sink were two different babies! I could tell more in the other pictures. Flowers?! No fair!

Sam said...

Wow. I can't even remember what I wanted to say but this post sure made me laugh.

I loved all the comparison pictures. I was starting to think that your girls weren't looking alike anymore. I was wrong!

I can't believe Devin stood up on the inner tub, to be honest, I doubt that even I would do that now. Haha.

I have to invite myself to come along next summer! It looks like you guys had a blast! And man, I want to go can with your dad and all the yummy food in his garden.

Oh, nice facial hair James.

And I'm excited to know what Josy is having so make sure to tell me.

And the wigs! I just keep thinking of the pictures we took of Sean in those wigs. Haha.

And way to go Jared, dinner, clean house and flowers! What a guy! I need to go out of town so I can get pampered like that.

Thanks for being so quick to blog and share pictures. And thanks for calling me today, it's always great to chat and Sean and I already really miss you and Jared. We can't wait to see you all later this fall!

Sam said...

I showed Sean the comparison pictures of the girls without letting him know who was who. It took him a little while to figure out the first one but he got it right and got all the rest right, he noticed they were always on the same side.

Sean now really believes that you're half Mexican after seeing James' mustache. Haha. Also, Sean wants to know why James is carrying around a pistol and machate. And he thinks that he should never show that picture to any girls, until they want to think they're going to be taken out to a corn field and murdered!

Also, the picture of Devin in front of the corn would have been perfect for Kristi's room, if he wasn't wearing his shoes.

And Sean wants to know if Jared did any squirrel hunting while he was there. Those things don't hunt themselves, Sean says.

And Sean really likes the picture with the "ghost." Mostly he loves Jake and Jen's face.

Sam said...

Sean and I just got catch up reading the Devin and Adalynn says pages. We had some good laughs. Those kids are hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

rachel said...

I love all of your pictures Val you are sooo good! i love that chair too! I thought that Lyla looked a little like Devin in the dishwasher pic. Then they look like total sisters in the other ones. Don't you love the farm?