Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swimming (a lot)

Since summer began, we have been in the pool almost every day....there have been a few days we missed, and there have been some days we've been swimming two or three times. So on average, just about every day.

Devin and Adalynn were in swim lessons for three weeks. A few girls from my ward recommended a lady that teaches lessons in her pool. The classes were small and they got a lot of one-on-one help. They were every day for 30 minutes and the kids learned so much. Devin is now swimming--Adalynn isn't quite there. She can swim short distances, and she is always diving under the water, but I wouldn't trust her in the deep end. She still likes to wear her floaties and I wonder if letting her wear them is a good idea--but it makes my life easier so I am letting her wear them for now.

Here are a few pictures from swim lessons...they get otter pops afterwards, which they like.

The rest of these pictures are from a few different times I brought my camera to the pool.
(Lyla really likes the pool also)

  This pictures cracks me up. All the kids have gotten pretty dark being in the water so much. But Devin is the darkest. Standing next to Jared makes him seem even darker.

 Not exactly related, but we had a swim party for scouts and I made these cupcakes. They were just too darn cute to not mention.


Kiley said...

Lyla is the most beautiful baby! all your kids are! What fun swimming pics. Hope you guys are doing good!

Andrea said...

Adalynn looks so old and beautiful in that first picture outside of the pool. She looks like shes got attitude. Aldo that picture of Devin with Jared is so funny.