Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adalynn's Birthday

This past (and current) week has been crazy. When we were in Utah Adalynn got sick. Then as soon as she started feeling better, it hit Lyla. Poor thing had a fever and was throwing up everything, including water. I finally took her to the doctor yesterday because although I knew it was a virus and I hate paying the co-pay for them to tell me to wait it out, I was still concerned. Thankfully she hasn't had a fever or been throwing up the past two days, but she has been really, really lethargic and still wont eat or drink very much. And just as I suspected, she is pretty dehydrated so the doctor told me if she doesn't start having more wet diapers I need to take her in for some iv fluids. We will see how it goes today. Anyways, two days after Lyla got sick, Devin got it and he probably had it the worst. He couldn't keep anything down. Like Lyla, he was even throwing up water and medicine. Both him and Lyla seemed fine Sunday, but they Monday they both were sick again. Today Devin seems fine. But good grief! This has been the worst virus to hit my family. Normally, when the kids get sick, they are completely over it in two days tops. So this is weird for me to still be dealing with this.

So in the middle of all this, Adalynn turned 4!! We had been talking about her birthday for a while--she wanted a princess party and I talked her into having an Ariel/Swim party. We used our friends pool and it was nice because they all just swam and I didn't have to do much as far as games and activities.

Devin and Lyla were still stick Saturday, so Jared stayed at home with them and I did the party by myself. I was pretty upset that Devin (and Jared) couldn't come...he had been looking forward to it almost as much as Adalynn. He kept saying Friday, "I hope I am better for Addie's party." I was sad he couldn't go--but grateful Adalynn was all better.

Here are a few pictures from the party. I wish I could go back in time and get more pictures of her and her friends--or at least a group shot. She had a great time and I could tell she felt really special.

I made these plates last minute. I thought they were so cute!
I honestly planned on only having cupcakes and ice cream...then I got on Pinterest! So we ended on doing lunch. I swear I have a problem, where when I see something cute online, I have to do it. It really is fun for me though. And didn't take much time.
Here is some of the food we had...we also had pizza and blue jello with Swedish fish.

Once again, my friend Amy helped me with the cupcakes. These were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough in them. The little stars and shells were candy. They were so good!

Miss Courtney

AJ and Landon

Addie and Hannah

Eating lunch

Singing Happy Birthday

I bought sea shells for the girls to paint, but we really had no time so I just handed them out with their goodie bags.

And that was her party. She had so much fun!
Later that night we opened presents...
...and sang Happy Birthday and had more cupcakes.

We had the coolest sunset that night. The sky was really, really pink. I told Adalynn it was pink just for her.


Sam said...

The party food turned out so cute! Val, you did it again! We need to live closer so you can plan/ throw a combined party for Lexi and Addie.

I'm so sorry your kids have been so sick! I really hope that it passes quickly and that you and Jared won't get it. Good luck nurse!

The Tanner Family said...

cute idea!!! she is getting so big!

rachel said...

What a fun idea! She is absolutely beautiful. Happy 4th to her!