Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Adalynn's Birthday

This past (and current) week has been crazy. When we were in Utah Adalynn got sick. Then as soon as she started feeling better, it hit Lyla. Poor thing had a fever and was throwing up everything, including water. I finally took her to the doctor yesterday because although I knew it was a virus and I hate paying the co-pay for them to tell me to wait it out, I was still concerned. Thankfully she hasn't had a fever or been throwing up the past two days, but she has been really, really lethargic and still wont eat or drink very much. And just as I suspected, she is pretty dehydrated so the doctor told me if she doesn't start having more wet diapers I need to take her in for some iv fluids. We will see how it goes today. Anyways, two days after Lyla got sick, Devin got it and he probably had it the worst. He couldn't keep anything down. Like Lyla, he was even throwing up water and medicine. Both him and Lyla seemed fine Sunday, but they Monday they both were sick again. Today Devin seems fine. But good grief! This has been the worst virus to hit my family. Normally, when the kids get sick, they are completely over it in two days tops. So this is weird for me to still be dealing with this.

So in the middle of all this, Adalynn turned 4!! We had been talking about her birthday for a while--she wanted a princess party and I talked her into having an Ariel/Swim party. We used our friends pool and it was nice because they all just swam and I didn't have to do much as far as games and activities.

Devin and Lyla were still stick Saturday, so Jared stayed at home with them and I did the party by myself. I was pretty upset that Devin (and Jared) couldn't come...he had been looking forward to it almost as much as Adalynn. He kept saying Friday, "I hope I am better for Addie's party." I was sad he couldn't go--but grateful Adalynn was all better.

Here are a few pictures from the party. I wish I could go back in time and get more pictures of her and her friends--or at least a group shot. She had a great time and I could tell she felt really special.

I made these plates last minute. I thought they were so cute!
I honestly planned on only having cupcakes and ice cream...then I got on Pinterest! So we ended on doing lunch. I swear I have a problem, where when I see something cute online, I have to do it. It really is fun for me though. And didn't take much time.
Here is some of the food we had...we also had pizza and blue jello with Swedish fish.

Once again, my friend Amy helped me with the cupcakes. These were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough in them. The little stars and shells were candy. They were so good!

Miss Courtney

AJ and Landon

Addie and Hannah

Eating lunch

Singing Happy Birthday

I bought sea shells for the girls to paint, but we really had no time so I just handed them out with their goodie bags.

And that was her party. She had so much fun!
Later that night we opened presents...
...and sang Happy Birthday and had more cupcakes.

We had the coolest sunset that night. The sky was really, really pink. I told Adalynn it was pink just for her.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last weekend we had two family reunions in Utah. On the same day. Jared was able to take Thursday and Friday off--and let me tell you we were ready to leave the 114 degree temps we have been experiencing.

We stopped in Scipio again to visit the petting zoo. It really is so fun, and I just love that they have a zebra that you can pet and feed.

 Adalynn and Lyla love the little goats and sheep. Lyla was just squealing away.
 So, I told Devin to get up close to the fence so I could get a picture. And right as I was about to take it, the ostrich totally pecked Devin hard in the head (it made a really loud thud when he pecked him, so I am assuming it kinda hurt). This picture was post-peck and out of focus, but it was all I had. Devin started crying and was mad that I made him get so close to such a deadly animal. Poor Devin.

I think I took around 700 photos this trip. And this was the one and only picture with me in it. Proof I was actually there.
I mean, are you even surprised this is the first thing we did as we made it to Provo?
Thursday night at Justin and Michelle's. My kids think their cousins are just about the best thing ever! They had been looking forward to playing with them for a while. This is everyone except Lyla.

 Justin and Michelle made homemade ice cream and it was so good.

 Halle looks so cute!
With Grandpa
 Friday morning Sam and I took some pictures of the girls for Michelle's new guest room. Kristi (Jared's step-mom) and Andrea (Jared's sister--you getting all this) were both given a room in Michelle's house to decorate--kinda a design challenge. Kristi wanted vintage looking photos of all the grand kids in her room--This was just one of the ones that I liked of Lexi and Addie. Kristi's room turned out awesome, by-the-way. I can't wait to see what Andrea comes up with.
 All the girls before swimming.
So, I really wanted to go to a water park. But they were a bit more expensive than I thought, and then the weather was cool and cloudy. We decided instead to go to their rec center and I'm glad we did. It was so much fun for the kids.

Here are Jared, Addie, and Devin waiting for the huge bucket of water to dump on them. I love how Addie keeps backing up farther and farther.

Michelle jumping.
 And Sean. Poor Sean! I think the next time he jumped he dislocated his shoulder. After many people tried to put it back in place he had to go to the ER and was put under while 5 people popped it back. He was in a sling the rest of the weekend.
Devin jumped off the diving board for the first time without floaties or a life vest. And he did it over and over. I love his cute little dive.

 I love that these two are such good friends.
Later that night--Lyla with a cookie.
And I just have to add that I swear Utah's weather has a bit of ADD. While we were at the pool, it was cloudy and even sprinkled a bit. As soon as we were leaving out came the sun. And then at dinner, which we had outside, it was crazy windy. Really...spaghetti flying everywhere. I actually kinda liked it though--a nice break from the heat.
Family Reunion #1
The Christensen Family Reunion
Jared's dad had, gosh 11 siblings growing up (I think), so there were a lot of people...and I think I knew one of them. But is was at a gorgeous park with a nice view of the mountains, lots of food, and a water slide for the kids and softball for Jared.

Poor Adalynn was so sick today. I probably should have just stayed home with her. She was so miserable and just hung out on a towel the whole time. I felt so bad, because I knew she would have had so much fun with the cousins. And, really my kids don't get sick very often, but when they do it is always when it is most inconvenient...if we are going on vacation or visiting family, you can be sure someone will be sick. Normal weeks when we are at home with nothing to do, they are fit as a fiddle.

I think this pictures tells it all.

 Modeling the flower headband I made...
 The two "sickies"
Family Reunion #2
The Orton Family Reunion
This reunion was Jared's mom's side. This was the one I was really looking forward to. When we were living in Provo we spent a lot of time with this side and became really close friends with lots of Jared's cousins.
I know this isn't the best picture of Jared's dad, but I thought Devin looked so sweet. I think Garth was in the middle of telling Devin to not get Doritos on his shirt. haha.
Ring around the Rosie.
Adalynn was quarantined to the corner of the yard in the shade, where she slept the whole time. All the kids playing around her didn't seem to phase her.
Andi and Brandon.
Oh goodness. Look at how sweet Parker looks.
Sam and Avery
These were on our way home. We left Sunday. I'd like to say our drive home was smooth sailing, but it seemed to take forever. We ran into a few crazy storms. The last two hours Devin and Adalynn fought over, well, you name it. And to top it all off, Lyla was fussy. I usually brag about what great travelers the kids are, but not this time.