Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adalynn and Devin

I already posted Lyla's photos from our session in Utah. Here are the rest. The day we had them taken Lyla woke up with a fever. Of course. Of all the days for her to wake up not feeling well. And she was very grouchy the entire time. I actually could not even be in the room because she would look at me and start sobbing--so all month I had no idea if we even got any decent ones of Lyla. But you really wouldn't know it looking at the pictures--there were a lot of cute ones, so I am really happy about that.

Devin was so good. He is so much better at getting his picture taken--he really took about 5 minutes and he was done. Awesome.

I had to leave the room with Adalynn too because she kept looking at us instead of the photographer. Lately Addie is all about the forced, unnatural smile, so again, I was pleased with what she got.

 For months, Devin has been telling me we need a new family picture and he was really excited to get one with Lyla in it.
 And one of all the kids. I wish Lyla was smiling, but hey, she isn't crying.


Kristi said...

I love them all, could we get one of the family ones??? For your family photo shelf in the den!
Love you all

Sam said...

They turned out good. YAY! Devin is turning into a handsome young man! And Addie is looking so much older too.