Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adalynn and Devin

I already posted Lyla's photos from our session in Utah. Here are the rest. The day we had them taken Lyla woke up with a fever. Of course. Of all the days for her to wake up not feeling well. And she was very grouchy the entire time. I actually could not even be in the room because she would look at me and start sobbing--so all month I had no idea if we even got any decent ones of Lyla. But you really wouldn't know it looking at the pictures--there were a lot of cute ones, so I am really happy about that.

Devin was so good. He is so much better at getting his picture taken--he really took about 5 minutes and he was done. Awesome.

I had to leave the room with Adalynn too because she kept looking at us instead of the photographer. Lately Addie is all about the forced, unnatural smile, so again, I was pleased with what she got.

For months, Devin has been telling me we need a new family picture and he was really excited to get one with Lyla in it.
And one of all the kids. I wish Lyla was smiling, but hey, she isn't crying.

Lyla is one!

One year old today. And yes, it went by way too fast.

I love this little girl. With all my heart. It really is amazing how quickly you fall in love with your children and how you can't imagine your life without them. It is times like today I wish I was a better writer--because I never seem to be able to express how I feel.

When I was pregnant with Lyla I was pretty sick. And I gained 50 pounds. And one time I peed my pants while I was throwing up. And then once she was here, there was all the stuff that comes with a newborn--nursing, waking up every three hours, months without a full nights sleep, etc. She was totally worth it--I would do it all again in a second.

She has been SUCH a blessing and joy. We all adore her. The past year has been one of the happiest because of her. I'm excited to see her grow up and love that I am her mom.

And now some pictures of our little lady. We are so lucky!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cake Smash

My awesome friend Amy totally offered to make Lyla a little cake for a one-year-old cake-smash photo shoot. It turned out so darn cute...this was her first time working with fondant too! I almost hated to see Lyla tear it apart.
At first, she was more interested in the balloons. But it didn't take long for her to switch focus to the cake.

About half of the pictures I took had Devin and Addie's little hands reaching in for cake. They thought the whole thing was so cute and fun. After a little while I just let them all go to town---Devin ran and grabbed three forks and we had a little cake party.She was done at this point!

I wish I had waited for Jared. He came home and was like, "You did it without me?" I wanted to do it when she was in a good mood (so right after her nap) and I sorta thought Jared didn't care. We will have to do another one on her real birthday (in 2 days).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Last Day

Devin's last day of school was Thursday.
On his first day of school we celebrated by going to Jamba Juice.
Devin wanted to celebrate his last day of Kindergarten by going to McDonalds but I talked him into Jamba Juice again.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Devin Says

I was adding a few things to my Devin says page and somehow a whole year was erased! I am so upset...the reason I write them down is because I don't remember what they say. I know our family reads them...if you remember anything I added to that page recently remind me so I can try and fix it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sam made this headband and sent it to me before Lyla was born. She has been wearing it a lot lately--it perfectly matches a lot of her outfits. I love it.

Never mind that I desperately need a haircut and I look like I haven't seen a brush in a month. Lyla looks so sweet, I decided to post this pic anyways. Addie took it.
After I saw the first one, I told Adalynn to take another. This one with my hair up.