Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ward Luau

Our ward just had their annual ward luau. This is the first ward since I lived in AZ, where I feel at home--I love it! We obviously don't have family here, so I am grateful we have so many great friends. And I'm so happy that my kids have tons of good kids to play with and be around. But, back to the luau. Great food. Great company. Jared had softball, but I still went with the kids. All the little boys had their faces painted and the girls made poi balls and learned how to hula. I took this of Devin right before bed.
And the rest of these are from the last week. Not much going on except we have been hanging out trying to keep cool. It has been so hot! The kids have been swimming three times this week--they are all getting so tan!

Some more random photos 


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