Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kindergarten Program

Devin's end of the year Kindergarten program was last Friday. It was pretty cute. They sang songs and each had a part (their part had to do with what they wanted to be when they grew up). I had no idea that Devin wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up--He has expressed interest in being an archeologist, a ninja, a wizard, a jedi, and his latest, a lego designer, but never a firefighter. Maybe the teacher encouraged more traditional career choices?

This was his part (which he memorized)

I want to be a firefighter
who can put out fires
I will work hard to save lives
And never seem to tire.

 Adalynn was so cute after the program. She ran right up to Devin and hugged him and kept trying to hold his hand. She was proud of her big brother!
 With his teacher Ms Rennie. We love her!

The rest of the day he kept asking what my favorite part was and what my favorite song was. He also kept asking if I was proud of him. He really is a great kid!

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Michelle said...

Way to go Devin! They grow up to fast. Soon it will be six grade graduation, then middle school then high school. I can't believe he's off to first grade.