Monday, May 28, 2012


It only took 11 months, but Lyla is crawling. Thursday she wasn't. And Friday she was.

I really forgot how cute and exciting a crawling baby is. Even Devin loves it. He keeps saying, "Our baby walks now!" Then he corrects himself and says, "No she crawls."

The funny thing is, Lyla has been major grumpy the past month. But she has been so much happier since Friday...almost like she is happier being able to explore and move around by herself. It could be something totally unrelated--but the timing was interesting.

(Jared styled her hair, FYI)


Samantha said...

YAY!!! She did it! I knew she could it was just a matter of when she wanted to. Remember it took Lexi 11 1/2 months to learn to crawl and once she did she was so giddy.

Her hair looks just like something Sean would and has done to our girls.

April said...

That's so awesome!!!!! She's so cute! I love the hair. Curt used to do the same style on our girls when they were little. I think it's a "dad thing".