Monday, May 7, 2012

A couple weeks ago, my brother James spent a few days with us on his way home from Utah. It had been a really long time since I shot our gun, so we went to the gun range. It was okay. I think I prefer to just shoot at home in AZ where it is free. I did enjoy spending time with James, though.

The kids couldn't get enough of him! Or his ipad.
Ready for school.
I have been walking Devin to school a couple times a week. We drop him off and then I jog around the neighborhood--I usually go a few miles. I also started running 2 nights a week with my friend Lindsey. It has been so much fun--I've never been much of a runner, but I am really starting to enjoy it.

Devin's bottom tooth has been loose for a while, but really not ready to come out. He was out riding his bike and he crashed into our neighbor's garbage can and then fell face first into the pavement. He was crying pretty hard and when I got to him I noticed his mouth was full of blood and I didn't see his tooth. I told him his tooth was gone and he spit it out. He was instantly happy and excited. He told me later "I meant to crash so my tooth would fall out." He got a few dollars from the tooth fairy but was mad that the tooth fairy took the tooth.
 Adalynn loves to climb the wall and sit and chat with the neighbors. No matter how many times I tell her not to, she won't listen.
I don't even know why I put the treats on the top shelf. They can still get to them. I might as well put them on the bottom shelf so I wont have to clean dirty footprints off the bottom shelves.
And now, some of Miss Lyla...
First Oreo
I came home from running errands to find her like this. Seeing her asleep like this still melts my heart!


Brittany H. said...

Love the all girls shot. Such beautiful ladies!

Michelle said...

Your kids crack me up. How in the world does Addie get up on top of the fence?

Chris & Christine said...

OMG...if Jessika climbs a wall like that, I will die!!

Your kids are too cute! <3

Jennifer V said...

2 things - 1. you look so good in the photos of all the girls!! 2. Lyla totally looks like Addy in that last photo!! SO CUTE!!