Monday, May 28, 2012


It only took 11 months, but Lyla is crawling. Thursday she wasn't. And Friday she was.

I really forgot how cute and exciting a crawling baby is. Even Devin loves it. He keeps saying, "Our baby walks now!" Then he corrects himself and says, "No she crawls."

The funny thing is, Lyla has been major grumpy the past month. But she has been so much happier since Friday...almost like she is happier being able to explore and move around by herself. It could be something totally unrelated--but the timing was interesting.

(Jared styled her hair, FYI)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of Preschool

Today was Adalynn's last day of preschool. She has been pretty disappointed that it is over and she doesn't get to see Ms Tina anymore--although, she will have her next year and see her at church. She has really loved school. Not once did she tell me she didn't want to go.

A few more from another day

 Crazy Hair Day for Devin 

And a few of Lyla!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ward Luau

Our ward just had their annual ward luau. This is the first ward since I lived in AZ, where I feel at home--I love it! We obviously don't have family here, so I am grateful we have so many great friends. And I'm so happy that my kids have tons of good kids to play with and be around. But, back to the luau. Great food. Great company. Jared had softball, but I still went with the kids. All the little boys had their faces painted and the girls made poi balls and learned how to hula. I took this of Devin right before bed.
And the rest of these are from the last week. Not much going on except we have been hanging out trying to keep cool. It has been so hot! The kids have been swimming three times this week--they are all getting so tan!

Some more random photos 


Kindergarten Program

Devin's end of the year Kindergarten program was last Friday. It was pretty cute. They sang songs and each had a part (their part had to do with what they wanted to be when they grew up). I had no idea that Devin wanted to be a firefighter when he grew up--He has expressed interest in being an archeologist, a ninja, a wizard, a jedi, and his latest, a lego designer, but never a firefighter. Maybe the teacher encouraged more traditional career choices?

This was his part (which he memorized)

I want to be a firefighter
who can put out fires
I will work hard to save lives
And never seem to tire.

 Adalynn was so cute after the program. She ran right up to Devin and hugged him and kept trying to hold his hand. She was proud of her big brother!
 With his teacher Ms Rennie. We love her!

The rest of the day he kept asking what my favorite part was and what my favorite song was. He also kept asking if I was proud of him. He really is a great kid!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Utah Part 2

Lets, see. Wednesday we went to the children's museum. Thursday we had pictures taken. So Friday we went to the zoo.

Friday was also our anniversary so we went out to Tucanos for dinner. It has been 11 years! I've never been much for putting lovey dovey things on my blog, but I sure love that man!

Saturday was the race for the cure. We try and run it every year, but I think the last time I participated was when I was pregnant with Adalynn--and that time I did the 1 mile walk. This year I ran it while Jared stayed with the kids. I have been running at night so my goal was to just run it without stopping, which I did.

Side note--any time Devin saw an old building he told us, "Look! It is Hogworts!"

Sunday was Mothers Day and we celebrated by driving home!

Utah Part 1

A few weeks ago we decided to leave Vegas and visit Utah. Jared has been working so much lately and we really just wanted a break. So Tuesday after Devin got out of school we left. The drive was pretty uneventful...except for our stop in Scipio where we discovered they have a really cute petting zoo with all kinds of animals (which, of course was closed Tuesday, but didn't stop us from taking a look).

 Cherry dipped cones. A new favorite.

The first day we all went to the children's museum...
The construction zone was by far their favorite part.