Thursday, April 5, 2012

The rest of March

This week is our Spring break. We thought we might get outta town and do something fun, but Jared has been super busy lately. I sorta feel like he is in law school again...he has been getting home later, going in on Saturday and Sundays and even when he is home he is working. Boo! Stay in Vegas it is.

And since we have just been hanging out at home, I've had a bit to time to go through pictures and blog. Lyla takes some marathon naps when we aren't having to wake her up to get Devin and Adalynn to and from school. Monday she took a 3 hour nap followed by a 2 hour nap. Nice!
Adalynn doing her homework.
Jared was feeding her jelly beans
Obviously she liked them

Lyla is starting to learn how to maneuver around. She has started to pull herself up to stand...she cant stand all the way but she gets about halfways there. She also loves to stand and walk (with one of us holding her hands hunched over helping her. My back hurts just thinking about it). I think she is going to skip crawling and just start walking, but we will see.

Her favorite toy. She pushes the doors down by herself and every time turns to look at us like she is so proud. We of course are great for her self esteem because every time she does it we freak out and tell her how amazing she is.
Now that she is finally sitting pretty well we have been taking tons of pictures of her. I personally think this is the best age to photograph. They can't run away from you and they smile at just about everything. I love it!




Michelle said...

Cute pictures Val! I love the new backdrop.

rachel said...

Gah!! I love them all. I especially love your journaling of their little details. I need to do more of that. What a great example you are.

The Tanner Family said...

You take the cutest pictures!!! I love your girls you make them or buy them? Adorable!