Friday, February 24, 2012

Well, not too much as been going on here. But, in a way, a lot has happened. Weird I know.

I'm not sure I blogged about his struggles this year. He still has significant speech delays and is going to speech twice a week for that. But he has also really struggled with basically everything else this year--around Christmas he only knew about half the letters (identification only. He didn't know any sounds) and he couldn't count to 20. It has kept me up at night wondering first of all what I did wrong and second what I needed to do to help him. I never struggled in school and I taught before I had kids so I just never thought I would have a child that was so far behind. Since Christmas I have been dedicating a lot of time and energy to helping him catch up and I am so happy to say he has come a long ways and has made so much progress. He now knows all the letters and the sounds they make and can pretty much count to 100. He is sounding out and writing words and is just doing so much better. One of my friends told me they did reading comprehension tests on all the kids the other day and of the kids she worked with he was the only one that got all the answers correct. I know most of you are thinking, "So what? My little Timmy is 2 and can do all those things." For us, we are excited and pleased that he is making progress and even though we still have such a long ways to go, I just know he is going to be just fine.

Devin was very excited about Valentines Day this year. Here he is checking out his valentines after his school party.
My mom sent the kids their Valentines package and the kids were so excited! This egg was Devin's favorite. You put it in water and it hatched into a flamingo. Devin loved it.

I guess I am sticking to a school/development post here. I had Adalynn evaluated the other day to see if she needs or qualifies for speech therapy. She is very hard to understand. So two weeks ago we had her tested and the speech therapist told me she does qualify. So starting sometime in the next month I will be taking her to speech therapy twice a week. Other than that she is doing very well in preschool.

Another little treasure from my mom

My sweet Lyla will be 8 months tomorrow. 8 months! Already! She is still the favorite around here. As soon as Devin and Adalyn wake up they get in the crib with Lyla and play with her and sing to her until I come and get her. Addie won't let her take a nap or go to bed until she kisses and hugs her and Devin tells me all the time, "Lyla is the cutest one in our family." They love her so much.
She has been so different from Devin and Adalynn. She will still not eat solid foods. I have almost stopped trying because she might take 2 or 3 bites but then she is done. I guess I just keep trying right? I have never had any eating issues with the other two so this is different for us. And speaking of different, she doesn't move around yet. Jared calls her our "lazy baby" because by 8 months Devin was crawling and pulling himself up to stand and Addie was walking by 9 months. Lyla seriously just sits there (and she isn't even sitting 100% yet). She doesn't roll over or crawl and isn't even close. I LOVE it. It makes her seem like a baby still and I want her to be a baby for as long as possible.

She also has two new teeth. You forget how exciting new teeth are!

I love those cheeks!

We survived our first sickness. Poor little girl had a bad cough that lasted about a week. Nights were rough. It only took one day of antibiotics and a breathing treatment and she was so much better.
I've added a few new things to Lyla's room. My sister made this in photoshop. Thanks Jen!

I made this banner when I still had my silhouette. I found this scrapbook paper that was perfect for her room.
 I re-did the pennant banner in her room with the paper I found. I wish you could see it in real is so cute!

 And I added some pictures.


Michelle said...

I am so glad Devin is doing so well. That just proves what an awesome mom he has. I knew he would catch up and I bet you if they tested kids in other areas like problem solving, he would be the best.

Matthew and Lindsey said...

I love the subway art of her birthday! I think I am going to copy that and make one for McKay's room. I have been dying to find other things to add to his room that don't look to girly. Great idea.