Monday, January 30, 2012

Lyla--7 Months

Our little Lyla is now 7 months! She was 15 pounds 2 ounces at her 6 month well check and she is such a chunk. Everyone started calling her Chunka- Cheeks at Christmas because she is just all cheeks. Which I love! I seriously can't stop kissing them all day long!

Here is a little bit about Lyla. She is so happy and mellow all the time. She just goes with the flow--which is nice since we are always running around getting kids to and from school and playgroups. She rarely gets a "real" nap because as soon as she falls asleep I have to get her in the car seat to pick Devin up or take Addie to preschool.

She HATES solid food. She will not even let me put the spoon in her mouth--she clasps her lips together so tight and then if I happen to get some in her mouth she gags and cries like she is being tortured. She will not eat it. Period.

She was sleeping pretty well, but starting around Christmas she started waking up much more. Last night she woke up 4 times. The Dr. told me she is probably hungry and eating solids would help, but like I must mentioned she will not eat.

Unlike Devin and Adalynn she doesn't move around a lot. By 7 months Adalynn was sitting, crawling, and pulling herself up to stand and she was full on walking by 9 months. Lyla is just barely learning how to sit up by herself. It will be a long time before she is crawling or walking--which is fine with me. It makes me feel like I have my baby for a while longer.

The kids still think she is the greatest thing ever. As soon as they wake up in the morning they run to her room to see if she is awake. And they always want to hold her and be with her.
And even though this is a Lyla post, I had to throw a few in of Adalynn and Devin.
Can you guess what his newest obsession is?
A few more pictures from this month


Alisa said...

OK, seriously. Lyla has the most gorgeous skin ever. I hope you Photoshopped that milky softness onto her face... It will give me hope that I can find the action and do the same thing to my kids!

Samantha said...

Lyla is adorable!!! I love her little round face. And I have to say that I love Addie in pearls and Devin just makes me laugh.

Jennifer V said...

That owl hat is the cutest ever!!!! I love it!!