Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011

Every year around Christmas I think, "maybe we will just stay at home and celebrate Christmas by ourselves." It is becoming quite the adventure getting everything to and from AZ but I just have so much fun with my family and the kids love it so we make the trip. And this time, like all others, was great.

We arrived Friday.

On Christmas Eve we visited some of my Dad's friends/patients at the nursing home and brought them some goodies. It was a good experience--Devin was a little wary but Adalynn seemed to enjoy it. It really made me want to do more things like this with the kids. For me, it was a highlight of this Christmas season.

 Christmas Eve we decorated gingerbread houses. Devin and Adalynn are at such a fun age...they really got into it and worked together.

Here is their finished product...such an improvement from years past.

Stephanie and her friend Gina, and their house.

Team J
James, Jen, and Jake

And their finished house. They always dominate and have the best house...
Which is why it sometimes get toilet papered or vandalized...

Christmas Morning
We let the kids play with their presents from Santa and open their stockings then we headed to church.

My parents had to speak today, and I honestly think they had some of the best talks I have ever heard. I am not just saying that because they are my parents and I think they are great. They were amazing. My mom had me laughing, then crying, then laughing the whole time. And I jut loved my dad's--he talked about gifts and he also had me laughing and crying! I want a copy of both!! To me, this was one of the best parts of the day because I was able to really ponder Christ's birth and life and reflect on how I could be a better person through service and kindness.

After church we opened the rest of the presents and just hung out! My family totally spoils Devin and Addie. Every year I tell them to stop getting them stuff, but they do anyways. A perk of being the only grand kids (so far anyways!)

And if you have been reading my blog, you know that every Christmas someone gets a gun....This was Johnny's year

We all think Lyla sticking out her tongue is one of the cutest things! 

Tuesday Jared had to fly to Houston for a deposition, so we drove him down and stopped by to see his Grandma (Grammy) and Deb and Lee before his flight.

Movie Night

Adalynn was in princess heaven and pranced around in her heels and bling the whole week.

Grandma and her granddaughters

My newly engaged and beautiful sister Steph and Lyla

James bought the kids camo shirts for Christmas. James is always trying to make my kids more redneck---he already told me he plans on buying Devin his first gun and he would have given Devin a pocket knife if I had agreed. So this is for James.

Steph brought this bubble wand that makes the biggest bubbles. The kids loved it and played with it multiple times this week.

Devin and Adalynn had so much fun with their aunts. And Emily and Steph were so cute with them...they played with them non-stop the whole time and it just melted my heart to see them together laughing and playing. When we told Devin and Addie that they had to leave they were trying so hard not to cry. They are already asking when they get to see Em and Steph again. I love you girls!

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