Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

(I saw this idea somewhere--you would do it at the beginning of each school year. It was fun talking to Devin about his favorite things.)
Yesterday was Devin's first day of school. I don't really think he was nervous at all--he has been going to this school for preschool for the past year and a half so I think that helped.
He was sure excited! For the past couple weeks he has been getting his backpack and supplies ready and laying out his outfit.
He insisted we walk to school so he could ride his bike, but good grief! It was too hot! We will for sure be driving until it cools down a bit. When I dropped him off he was fine. He gave us all hugs (the girls and I) and lined up with his class. They didn't let the parents in (we dropped them off and watched from outside the fence) so when it was time for school all the kids in his class walked by us and waved goodbye. When he walked past us his eyes started to fill up with tears and he put his hand on his face (to help stop the tears and hide the fact that he was getting emotional). It was the sweetest thing--I haven't been sad that he is leaving for school, but seeing him get just a little upset made my eyes fill with tears: I think that image will be in my mind forever.

The backpack shot

School is only 2 1/2 hours long so by the time I walked home I only had about an hour and a half before I had to leave to pick him back up. Not nearly enough time if you ask me. We walked home, had to call Jared to get us in the house (the garage would not open and I didn't bring my keys), ate lunch and I took the kids out for a back to school smoothie. 

I'm really excited for this year. I think Devin is going to make a lot of progress. He still struggles with his speech--It is just so hard to understand him. He is also a little behind in some other areas, but he does really well in other areas. And isn't that kinda how all kids are? They have all seem to have their strengths and weaknesses. I wish he didn't have to struggle, but I'm willing to bet it will make him stronger in the long run.

I sure do love him!

Just a few pictures I wanted to put on here while Devin is at his first day of school (I will post about that later!) 

We went to DI the other day and Adalynn found these Princess puzzles for $1. She can spot princess stuff from a mile away. Adalynn has always enjoyed puzzles and she is really good at them. She can almost do these by herself.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

People always ask me who we think Lyla looks like. I really think she looks like Adalynn as a newborn. But now that I am looking at these pictures I am not so sure... Actually, I think they look a lot alike when sleeping.
(Both taken at about 2 months--Adalynn on the left, Lyla on the right)
I just love all the funny little expressions you get from a baby.
If only Devin had been asleep! I can dream right?
I probably have a hundred pictures of her in her car seat because every time I get home from running errands and she is asleep in here, I think, Oh!!! She looks so cute!!!

Before church

I also have, like, a gazillion of her in her chair. I realize I am pretty much just posting the same picture over and over, but I can't help it! She is awake in these so that is a little different from all the sleeping ones.

 Hanging out watching Inspector Gadget

If someone had told me a kid could fall asleep standing up, I wouldn't have believed them. Until now...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sunday we blessed Miss Lyla.
My parents and Jen and Jake arrived Friday night.
Everyone else (Michelle, Justin, their kids, and Josh) came in Saturday night.
It was a fun weekend and we were grateful to all who came.

Newlyweds Jen and Jake
 Saturday we went to Five Guys for lunch. Then swimming.

 Sunday morning with all the kids
 A few pictures from after the blessing...

 My side of the family left after lunch on Sunday, but Michelle, Justin and Josh stuck around until Monday. I'm glad they stayed that extra gave us some more time for the kids to play and for us to visit. Like always, the kids all got a long wonderfully---it is so fun to see them together. 
 Monday we went swimming. Our friends let us borrow their pool--swimming is pretty much the only thing you can do outside in August so I'm glad they let us come over.
 Even though Adalynn is not swimming by herself yet, she is super comfortable in the water. She was having a great time jumping off the rocks and seems to have no fear.


 After everyone left I tried to get a better picture of Lyla in her dress.

 I almost got a really big smile--I was just a second late and got the end of it.
Thanks again to everyone who came--It always make me feel so happy and blessed to think of how many people love my kids. There were a lot of people that couldn't make it and I know you guys love them too!