Monday, May 23, 2011

Girls Night

Last weekend Jared and Devin went on the father son campout. Devin was so excited and they had a great time. Of course I have no pictures to show for it. Jared is probably afraid to take my camera anywhere--And I would probably hurt him if something happened to it so I don't blame him. I really want to get a small point and shoot for things like this. And for times I don't want to lug my camera around.

My friend Amy and I decided we should do a girls night. Adalynn and Courtney are the same age and get along well. We first went and got pedicures. I am getting so big--there is no way I can get to my toes and paint them and do a good job so it was really nice. Adalynn did great--I figured she would because she LOVES getting her nails painted at home.

We then ate dinner at Red Robin and after dinner we let the girls play at the park. Amy introduced me to the cutest park--I have no idea how I didn't know about it. It was too dark to take pictures, but you can be sure I will take the kids there soon and post some pictures.


A few months ago I signed Adalynn up for tumbling. She enjoyed it so much and Devin begged me to let him do tumbling also so I signed the kids up. I've been impressed at how much better Adalynn is at following the directions and doing the moves this time around.

Devin has also enjoyed it--much more than soccer. It has been good for him to listen and follow directions--I've noticed he doesn't do well with long drawn out directions so I'm glad he can work on it before kindergarten. He does pretty well with the moves/drills but you should see him on the balance beam. He is so wobbly.

Hannah is 5

About a week ago we went to Hannah's 5th birthday party. Steph always does such cute b-day parties. This one was a mermaid/Ariel theme. Most of the parents just dropped their kids off, but since we live pretty far away we stuck around and visited with Steph, Levi and Levi's brother.
The kids ate dinner, made really cute seashell necklaces and played some fun games. Devin and Adalynn had a great time and loved their goodie bags.

The birthday gang. Devin was the only boy and I think this was the first time he noticed (especially when all the girls dressed up in princess dresses and danced to The Little Mermaid soundtrack). Notice he is keeping his distance. And since the party he has told me quite a few times, "For my next party I want all boys. And Hannah can come but only her."
Okay so this is still making me laugh. Apparently one of the moms mixed up Hannah's card with someone else named Amber. It was just so funny! Something I could see myself doing, for sure.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Adalynn cut her bangs the other day. Then I tried to even them out a bit--but I think I messed them up even more. I just don't like bangs--I think she looks goofy--but at least her hair is out of her face.

Friday, May 13, 2011

30, 10

In the past couple weeks I had a birthday, we celebrated Easter, Mothers Day and an anniversary. Throw in some visitors and a vacation also!
Anyways, the day after our vacation I turned the the big 3-0. And you know how when you get back from a vacation you are just tired but there is a ton to do (grocery shopping, laundry, etc. etc.)? Well that is pretty much how I spend the day. My brother was coming in later that day so I also wanted to find a bed for Adalynn so he could pick it up for us. So, yeah, that is how I spend my birthday! I know, I am a party animal. Jared brought me flowers and a balloon around lunch time and we went out to dinner. Our baby will be in the guest bedroom so I told Jared what I really wanted for my birthday was to totally re-do that room. 

My first project is painting the headboard. I just finished it (I painted it white) but now I am debating painting it a different color. Maybe blue? I don't know. I am the worst decision maker (you should see me try and pick out paint). Kristi! Help!

A little online inspiration...

Mothers Day was great. Jared made me breakfast and spoiled me all day. Devin made me a cute card at school and I got a few small things from Jared. I don't really have any pictures or a lot to say. I am thankful for my cute little family and love being a mom.

And Wednesday Jared and I celebrated our TEN year anniversary! When we were first married I thought for our ten year anniversary we would do something amazing...maybe some exotic vacation without the kids. I have to laugh because we ended up just going out to dinner. We were both so tired--Jared had a big deposition he had been getting ready for and I have not been sleeping well at night. But it was nice to get out just the two of us. We've had a wonderful 10 years together and I think the next ten are going to be even better.