Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter this year was a bit more laid back. I didn't do all the crafts and baking I normally do around a holiday. Mainly because we were gone the week before and we were just too busy after our vacation. We did the normal Easter egg dying, Easter baskets, and egg hunt of course.

We try and do all the "fake" Easter stuff Saturday. Like all the commercial things that have very little to do with the actual holiday. Here are the kids with their Easter baskets. My brother was staying with us a few days so he was a sport and helped the Easter Bunny fill eggs and make a last minute Target run.

 Later that day we used Lynn's yard (a family friend) and had our Easter egg hunt. Since we were so close we also took James to see the Vegas Temple.

 Sunday morning we woke up and made resurrection rolls. I have seen this idea the past few years, but never got around to it. Here is the link if you are interested in all the details, but you basically talk about how the marshmallow is like Jesus--white, pure and without sin. Then you talk about how after he died he was anointed with oils (you then dip marshmallow in melted butter) then rubbed with spices (marshmallow goes in cinnamon and sugar). You then wrap the marshmallow in a crescent roll and I put them in muffin tins. You bake them (oven represents tomb) and when they are done and ready to eat, the marshmallow is gone (obviously representing the resurrection). Anyways, the link has scriptures and more detail, but I think we are going to make this an Easter morning tradition.

Disneyland cont.

Wednesday we were at CA Adventure. They were doing a lot of construction and it was a lot more crowded than we expected, but we had a blast. We started at the Toy Story Mania ride, which is a fun, fun ride.

 The kids were so excited to see him and we got in line to get a picture with him. But just as we were getting close to the front of the the line, he took off and these guys replaced him...
Adalynn was not impressed and wouldn't get in the picture.

 Any time Adalynn was nervous or scared she wanted Jared. She usually is a momma's girl, so it was cute to see her ditch me and run to her dad for protection (this was on the Ferris wheel type ride near the top...which even makes me a little nervous).

 Jared took Devin on a swing ride then the the Grizzly River Run. Addie was too short for both of those rides. Devin loved them both even though he got pretty wet on the river run.

 We went to the Playhouse Disney show next. I thought the kids would love it since they love all those shows. Plus it was a nice break from walking and standing in line. We then did the Monsters Inc ride and then headed to A Bug's Land.

 I took Devin on Soaring over California which is on of my favorites. Then we left for dinner.
As you can see Adalynn was OUT and my feet were killing me so we stayed at the hotel and went swimming and Jared and Devin went back to the parks. They did few more rides at CA Adventure then went back to Disneyland to ride Indiana Jones and Buzz Lightyear a few more times. By the time they left Jared said Devin was so tired he was seriously acting like he was drunk.
 Thursday morning, after breakfast, we took the kids swimming. It was cold and sprinkling so Jared and I really didn't want to go, but they were both begging and so excited to go (the things we do for our kids, right?) Once we got in, it felt great. It was a fun way to end out little vacation (and a good way to get the kids tired before the drive home).

Disneyland Day 1

Tuesday we spent the day at Disneyland and Wednesday we were at CA Adventure. It was a bit crowded both days, but we got there right as they opened so we hit a bunch of rides before it was too bad. Most rides we didn't have to wait in line too long--I think the longest was the Dumbo ride, which was so not worth it in my opinion.
It was interesting being there as there were rides Adalynn couldn't go on because she was too short and rides I couldn't go on being pregnant. Jared and Devin were able to go on every ride at Disneyland and there were just a few at CA Adventure Devin wasn't tall enough for. We made it work though.

The first, gosh, three rides made Adalynn cry (I think we did the Jungle River ride, Pirates, and The Haunted Mansion). Maybe not the best choices to get started. But after that they both had a lot of fun. Devin loved the Indiana Jones ride, Buzz Lightyear, and Autopia. Adalynn's favorite was the teacups.

I love their strollers. I told the guy when we were returning them that I wanted to buy it. I think he thought I was kidding. I wasn't.
  Looking back at the pictures I took, most of them are of us standing in line. Haha. Oh well.

 Adalynn's princess shoes. They have a picture of the princess on the inside and she LOVES them. I think she is finally getting into princesses and barbies. We didn't really do the whole princess thing at Disney though. I know you can have breakfast with them and stand in line to meet them--actually I was surprised at how few characters and princesses I saw this time. I think we saw Goofy, Ariel and Snow White and that was it. I'm sure next time it will be a must.
 Toon Town
 Jared and I have a picture of us when we went to Disneyland in this car when I was pregnant with Devin. Devin remembered seeing that picture and wanted his picture taken as well.
Adalynn slept through all of Toon Town.
 Oh yeah, we saw Mickey and Minnie also. Addie was still taking her nap.
We left for dinner, then came back for a while. We opted out of watching the fireworks and went on rides as the lines were so short. Jared took Devin on the Matterhorn and Adalynn and I rode the teacups at least 6 times in a row. Like I said, it was her favorite.
We left at about 10 and the kids were beat. It was a fun day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


For a while I have been saying, "Lets get away! Lets take the kids somewhere for a few days." So when Jared had a deposition in Los Angeles the same week as Devin's spring break we decided to make a trip out of it. We went back and forth between taking the kids to Disneyland and Legoland, but decided on Disneyland. We left on Sunday...Jared had a meeting with his clients Sunday afternoon and the deposition was Monday so the first two days we just hung out. I took the kids swimming the first day. One thing I learned about Adalynn this week was that she LOVES swimming. Devin enjoys it also, but Adalynn is obsessed. I think we were at the pool a good 2-3 hours every time we went, and she would have stayed longer if I had let her. The weather actually wasn't the best for swimming--it was a little cold and overcast, but both hotels we stayed at had heated pools, so that was nice.

The view from our room. And yeah, they had 4 kiddie pools.

Sunday night we drove around LA a bit. We found the Hollywood sign and walked around Hollywood Blvd which is the street that has all the stars, the Kodak theater, and a few other well known places. It was okay. Devin and Adalynn found some of their favorite "celebrities" so they were impressed.

 Monday Jared's two hour deposition ended up being about 5 hours. Which was a a little frustrating since I had two kids and was in in a city I didn't know. I took the kids to the LA temple and we walked around the grounds and went to the visitors center.

And FYI. Adalynn has now adopted a cheesy, unnatural smile. She looks like a mouse in almost every picture I take of her. Do all kids go through this, or just mine?
I took the kids to Target to pick up some beach toys and shoes for Adalynn. Josh met up with us while we were there and we found a mall to walk around. We had planned on spending most of the day at the beach and Santa Monica Pier, but ended up just going to the beach for an hour. The kids loved it. It was way too cold for me though. Anyways, we ate dinner with Josh then drove to Anaheim to check into the next hotel.