Monday, December 5, 2011


I love this time of year! So much! ...and since I was so sick last year and didn't get to enjoy the holidays as much I am extra excited for everything we have planned this year. Whether or not I ever get around to blogging about it, is a different story.

I did a few things with the kids before Thanksgiving. How cute are these PB & J Turkey sandwiches--I made these for Devin's playgroup, then again when Hannah and Aubrey came over and maybe one more time for Devin and Adalynn.

 Another treat they made at playgroup...
This spot is quickly becoming my designated banner spot. And one day I will add some pictures of Lyla to that shelf!
 I have seen much cuter versions of this, but it was a fun and easy family home evening. I just grabbed branches from outside and we talked about who and what we were thankful for. We tried to explain to them what being thankful meant---Devin was thankful for Chewy, Obi Wan, Star Wars toys, the wii, wii games....I don't think he quite got it. But then after a bit more explaining he was also thankful for cousins, his grandparents, aunts/uncles, and Lyla. Addie was thankful for princesses and candy and also Lyla.

 Now on to actual Thanksgiving. Spent in Arizona.

 Lyla meeting my brother for the first time...

 Making the mashed potatoes...

Almost a complete family picture

Everyone picking up their turkeys...I think they cooked around 34 this year. 

 Boo! Josy had to work! We missed her!

 We made these fun place cards...

 They found these ginormous carrots in the garden.
 The picture makes me smile
 The next day. Grandma and grandpa took the kids out to do the chores. Adalynn loved feeding the goats apples.
 Taking a trip to my dad's office. I thought Jen looked so pretty in this picture.

 @ Dairy Queen. Everyone loves Lyla! Especially Grandpa.

 Jared, James and I went to see twilight while my family watched the kids. But before we left, we had to try a few wigs on Lyla. All I need to do is slap some fake eyelashes and lipstick on her and she is all ready for Toddlers and Tiaras. 


rachel said...

Great pics Val. I love your skirt!! How fun is all of that! I Love the turkey pb and j idea. Your banner is awesome and your shelf. Are those canvas photos?

Michelle said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I can't wait to hear why there was a Darth Vadar in the background. (is that who it was? I don't know my Star Wars chracters)

Katy said...

Loved seeing good 'ol Payson, loved your apron, but is it totally silly that I got a little sappy at knowing you went to Dairy Queen?! :) Good 'ol Payson Dairy Queen!

Brittany H. said...

Love all the pictures!!