Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bellagio and Bass Pro Shop

This place is always a bit crowded, but has become one of our Christmas traditions. This year we met two families from our church, which made it even better.

And P.S. Lyla will be 6 months next week! And she now has two teeth (bottom).

The kids really liked this display..the penguins danced around and popped out of the igloo.
The polar bears are made out of carnations. Devin kept telling me that the bears were peeing, because they were dripping water. I'm assuming they keep them pretty wet to last through the holidays.

This was at the chocolate/pastry store next door. The Grinch was made of 100 pounds of chocolate and 100 pounds of fondant.
We left the Bellagio and went out to dinner at Raising Caines. We threw all 9 kids in a booth by themselves and we ate dinner with just the adults, which was great! After dinner we swung by Outdoor World--they always have free pictures with Santa and a lot of other games and toys set up for the kids. They had so much fun--this wasn't the first time we have been here, but they seemed to enjoy it more this time. I think I told Jared, we don't need to pay to take them to the movies anymore, we can just take them here. They ran around for at least an hour, loving every minute of it.
Visiting Santa
Adalynn was fascinated with the fish tank and this monster of a fish.

The rest of the gang...

On our drive home, Devin told me that "Today was the best day ever!"

Saturday, December 17, 2011



Decorating the Tree

Decorating the tree this year was so much fun. The kids were so excited to open the boxes with the ornaments and go through them all. They did a pretty good job putting them on the tree--I think this was the first year all the ornaments weren't clumped at the bottom.

We took the kids to the store to each pick out an ornament. They were both very excited to find these...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I walked in the family room the other day and found this...
Pretty sure they weren't there.
And Devin told me that my nativity "people" were "creepy" because they don't have any eyes.

Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin turned 6 the Sunday after thanksgiving. Because we were in the car all day Sunday we celebrated Saturday. It was a good day. It was actually pretty laid back...we started with breakfast. Jen brought up her Star Wars pancake molds so we ate Darth Vadar, Yoda, and Storm Troopers for breakfast.

Later that day, opening presents.

Sad because she didn't get any presents.
My mom and dad found this card for Devin which also plays the song from Indiana Jones. He loves it!

The rest of the day we hung out and enjoyed the nice day. My mom took Devin and Adalynn to The Muppets movie.
Here are a few more pictures I took that day.

Devin's cake from Dairy Queen.

Devin told me, "This was my best birthday ever!" I'm glad he had a great day. I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday...It was definitely one of the best days of my life. He was such a sweet baby. And he is a really great kid (about 90% of the time). I love you Devin!
One last picture!
I took this right before we left for home. She was so happy!