Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The Short Story
Halloween was fun! And we got a lot of candy! Which is not a good thing for me, but the kids are stoked.

The Long Story

We had dinner--monster spaghetti and bone bread sticks. I think the eyes on the spaghetti freaked Adalynn out.

 As soon as it got dark we headed out. It was the perfect night for trick or treating--no snow or cold weather here! The kids were so excited! Everyone loved our baby Yoda--One guy took a picture--a lot told us how cute/awesome he looked (yes, most assumed Lyla was a boy). There were lots of oohs and aahs as well from the ladies. And quite a few dudes were pretty excited (probably Star Wars Nerds). Having a theme was so much fun...it may be the only year the kids let us.

 Trick or Treating wore her out.

And here are a few more from the other day....

This was our first attempt at getting a group shot. Lyla was not in the mood!
So, we tried again the next morning (Lyla is much happier in the morning).
 Obi Wan
 Princess Leia

 Yoda---grinning at Jared in this one.

And holy cannolies! It is November!


Brittany H. said...

I am so sorry to steal your idea, but yoda was just so dang cute! And I totally cheated and put a bow in Chloe's hair. So fun!

Valerie Christensen said...

Oh gosh Brittany! Steal away! (Not like I am the first person to dress my kids up as Star Wars characters) :) A bow would have been a good idea! And i agree about the baby Yoda---who would have thought that costume would have been so cute?

rachel said...

Happy Halloween! Great pics!