Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The past couple weeks

The past couple weeks have been a bit of a blur. Here is what has been going on...

Adjusting to school has been a little harder than I thought. There is a lot of getting kids in and out of the car--I feel like my day goes like this.
  • Nurse Lyla
  • Pick Devin up from school
  • Feed Devin and Adalynn
  • Nurse Lyla
  • Take Adalynn to preschool
  • Nurse Lyla
  • Pick Adalynn up from preschool
  • Get Ready for dinner
  • Nurse Lyla
  • Nurse Lyla
  • Nurse Lyla
And of course there are a million other things I do every day.
Devin and Adalynn are also both in a playgroup (which I like because it helps them get to know other kids in our ward, but it is four more times in my day when I have to get kids in and out of the car).

Also a few weeks ago I had a crazy gall bladder attack. My dad was coming into town to visit and about an hour before he arrived I started having the WORST pain ever in my abdomen. As soon as he got here, I left all three kids with him and had Jared take me to the ER. I even left the baby, and NO she doesn't take a bottle so my poor dad had to deal with a crying baby all night. I had to wait in the waiting room for about 2 hours until they took my back and after running some test they found that I had an infected gall bladder. It was a long night--there was some crazy person in the room next to me screaming all night long. And I was worried about Lyla (Jared ended up going home and bringing her to me at about three in the morning so I could feed her). But I am not off my antibiotics and I feel just fine. I may need to have it removed eventually. I am so grateful my dad was here--it was so nice to that he was here to take care of the kids.
The next day he went grocery shopping for me and we canned spaghetti sauce from tomatoes he grew in his greenhouse (YUM). Thanks so much Dad! I love you!

I really enjoyed conference. With everything that has been going on, there were some talks that really brought me comfort. I listened to all sessions and I really cant wait to re-read the talks.

We are also super excited for Halloween. We decorated Saturday and we have already been doing all sorts of Halloween activities. All the kids costumes are ready to go. We are going with a whole Star Wars theme--Lyla's Yoda costume is so adorable!

Some more pictures


Sara said...

Ok so many things I love-- first of course the cute cute pics of your kids. The starwars family theme!! Love it. The canned tomatoes/spaghetti sauce! YUM!
But i hate the gallbladder episode! That is awful. Kinda good timing your dad was there, but scary!! Miss you guys. Love you

rachel said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. What an awful experience. I can totally hear you on the whole taking kids in and out of the car and seat belts and nursing and well everything. Way to be grateful! I know it sounds cliche but when I am grateful I am happy. It's the best thing so Stay Grateful and chug through it;)