Monday, October 17, 2011

Lyla is so smiley in the morning...the other morning I had her on the couch and when I looked up and said "Hi Lyla" she broke out into the hugest grin! ---I seriously stopped what I was doing and started kissing her bald head and chubby cheeks about a million times. Even now I am looking at her in her swing and I just want to cry I love her so much!

Addie is my little helper in the kitchen. Here she is helping make some candy corn pudding. She loves it.

 The other day for lunch I made the kids a mummy lunch. I saw this idea for the juice box on pinterest, but I didn't have white electrical tape so I used streamers instead. And I also didn't have googly eyes (hence the ghetto homemade eyeballs).
 Mummy Pizzas
I'm sorry, but using string cheese does not a good pizza make.
The kids aren't big pancake eaters, but throw a couple chocolate chips in them and call them ghosts and they will eat them up!

Last Wednesday Lyla rolled over for the first time. I didn't get a picture...but this was after it happened.
 There is something about when your baby wears real pants for the first time that makes them seem so much older. She is almost 4 months!
She has been a dream baby. Just about every day either Jared or I will say "She is the best baby!" Now I don't know if it is because she is our third and we are way more laid back. Or maybe she just seems amazing because lately Devin and Adalynn have been giving us a run for our money. But I think she really has been easy. She rarely cries, she takes a pacifier (but she also doesn't need one 24/7 to keep her happy), she sleeps really well--some nights she sleeps through the night but most nights we have one feeding. She doesn't mind the car seat which is nice since we are in and out of it all day long. When I was pregnant with her I probably said at least once a day "This baby is our last!" (And when I was sick I probably said it at least 20 times a day). But she has been so wonderful there is no way she is our last (unless she is a rotten toddler--I may have to rethink this in a few years).


Andrea said...

Brandon and i need to get down there so i can hold and kiss that cute little baby!

Michelle said...

Love the post Val and I have a strong feeling that Lyla will be just like the other two. It starts with an early roll, then a crawl and pretty soon you will have another 9 month old who can run around your house getting in to everything. Your kids are the earliest movers I have ever seen. I sure love them!

Brittany H. said...

We say that about Chloe! She is so amazing and we don't know if she really is, or if we just know what we're doing now. haha And I must say that you are over-the-top (amazing).

Samantha said...

I remember almost crying the first time Lexi wore jeans. Haha.

Lyla is so cute! I'm glad that you are doing better than me at blogging because I love looking at pictures of her!

Katy said...

Love those pictures of her! What a sweet baby! Oh, and will you stop posting about the fun things you do with your kids, especially at the holidays? You're making some moms ( look really boring and uncreative. ;)