Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween and Play Group

I really like Halloween. Not so much the bloody, scary, part though. And thanks to Pinterest (one of the greatest inventions ever!) I have found so many cute things I want to do with the kids.

Here are a few things we did to decorate.

 I printed a new subway art--
I also made this banner 

I have photos from past Halloweens on our bookshelves and I made some fabric pumpkins, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of that yet.

I mentioned that Devin and Adalynn are both involved in a playgroup. It has been so much fun. They both really look forward to getting together with other kids their age. Last week Devin's playgroup was at out house and I made them a Halloween lunch.

Spider plates

We made pumpkin cake pops the day before...they weren't pretty, but they were good (I only ate one and was so proud of myself. Usually I eat a ton)
 Some of the food served

 Witch fingers

The kids

We also made slime...which was a hit.

I also made some for Adalynn after preschool and she has been playing with it non-stop.


Michelle said...

How do you do all Val? You are amazing.

Brittany H. said...

I LOVE Halloween too! Your decorations are awesome.