Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Tuesday was Adalynn's first day of preschool. A lady I visit teach teaches preschool out of her home and I lucked out and got in with her. It is two days a week in the afternoon. You might think Tuesday and Thursday would be my "happy" days having both kids gone, but they are anything but relaxing. Devin goes to school at 8:00 and gets picked up at 10:30. We go home eat lunch, then leave at 11:45 to get Addie to preschool by noon. Then it is time to pick her up at 2:00. Thankfully, Jared has been taking Devin in the morning and the girl that teaches preschool is bringing Adalynn home for me since she picks up kids at at 2:00 and we live right by the school. I honestly don't think I would survive if I didn't have the help.

Addie seemed excited for preschool. She walked right in, took off her shoes (she must have felt right at home) and started playing with legos. When she came home she stripped down to her underwear and took a three hour nap. So whatever they did, wore her out!

Here are a few pictures. I tried talking to Adalynn about her favorite things, but every answer was princess. Our conversation went something like this...
Me: Addie what is your favorite food?
Adalynn: Princess food
Me: Okay. What is your favorite candy?
Adalynn: Princess candy.
Me: And your favorite tv show?
Adalynn: Princess shows!

I just decided to fill in her answers for her.

Backpack shot!

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