Saturday, August 20, 2011

People always ask me who we think Lyla looks like. I really think she looks like Adalynn as a newborn. But now that I am looking at these pictures I am not so sure... Actually, I think they look a lot alike when sleeping.
(Both taken at about 2 months--Adalynn on the left, Lyla on the right)
I just love all the funny little expressions you get from a baby.
If only Devin had been asleep! I can dream right?
I probably have a hundred pictures of her in her car seat because every time I get home from running errands and she is asleep in here, I think, Oh!!! She looks so cute!!!

Before church

I also have, like, a gazillion of her in her chair. I realize I am pretty much just posting the same picture over and over, but I can't help it! She is awake in these so that is a little different from all the sleeping ones.

 Hanging out watching Inspector Gadget

If someone had told me a kid could fall asleep standing up, I wouldn't have believed them. Until now...


Samantha said...

Lyla looks like a Addie but she's not quite the same. And I love all the pictures of Lyla!!! I especially love the comparison pictures of your girls. And that last picture made me laugh so hard!

Samantha said...

I was just looking at the first picture, well pictures. The comparison one of the girls. And I've decided that you could tell me that that was the same baby and I'd totally believe you. They look a lot more a like then my girls do.