Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Month

Well, we have survived the first month of having a newborn! To be completely honest, Lyla has been a pretty easy newborn. I can't complain too much. She has her fussy days, but overall she is easy.

Devin and Adalynn on the other hand, have been driving me crazy. They fight with each other all day long. I hope when school starts and they get a break from each other things will calm down a bit.

Here is a bit of the last month....

Devin hates to sleep alone. Before Lyla was here he would crawl into bed with Jared and I almost every night. Since I had Lyla we have noticed he is sleeping with us less, but now he gets in bed with Adalynn.

Jared's brother Aaron and his wife Laurel came for a visit. We went out to dinner and visited a few places on the strip. They were so nice and watched all three kids so Jared and I could see the last Harry Potter (LOVED IT). Aaron is starting medical school in Virginia so we're glad they came for a visit since we probably won't be seeing them quite as often.

Lyla's One Month Checkup (Better jot this down somewhere before I forget)
9 pounds 8 ounces
21 1/2 inches long
50% percentile
She had one shot and barely even cried (must be because she is so used to being poked and prodded by her brother and sister).

Camping out in the front room (I thought it was funny that Sam and Sean did the same thing--we didn't actually sleep there, we just kept the tent up few a few days and let them watch movies in there)

Uncle Josh back from NY.
Playing dress up

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Brittany H. said...

The question I got most was--How is life with a newborn? My answer was--The newborn is great; it's the older two who put me over the edge! Your kids are so cute. It makes me laugh that Devin is still rockin' the Indiana Jones gear!