Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Ones

Here are the rest of the studio pictures of Lyla.

I found the plans to make this doll bed on Knock off wood. While I was in AZ my Grandpa and brother pretty much made it for me---I think it turned out cute. And Lyla is wearing another super cute headband Sam made for me. I have the best sister-in-law! I showed her a picture of a headband I wanted and she just went ahead and made one!

I really wanted to get a few with Jared holding her--this was the only thing she let us do.

And all three


Samantha said...

I love that you have that doll bed! That seriously makes me so happy. And I love the ones of Jared holding her. Those look amazing. I'm happy you liked the headbands.

rachel said...

I love that headband and I have all boys:)The little bed is so cool. I love the white. It would look so cute up against your blue wall for a boy!! Love the little bucket ones. Love the beanie hat. Those are so stinkin cute!

The Tanner Family said...

you take the cutest pictures in the world!!! and You make the cutest kids ever!