Saturday, June 11, 2011

Open House

Jen was married on Saturday and had a reception that evening. But she also had an open house Friday night at my parent's house. It was the cutest thing ever. I don't think I realized how much work goes into a wedding-I know my parents and some of my siblings had taken months getting the outside nice and ready. I was only there a week before and we did wedding stuff the entire week. Well, I did as much as my large and awkward body would let me.

Jen had so many awesome details. I just don't remember really doing anything that cute or different at out wedding. We were pretty traditional. I liked that about Jen's wedding--it was unique, had a lot of cute details, and was very personal. Of course, wedding blogs probably didn't exist when I got married and I think that is where she got a lot of her ideas. Plus she is just really creative.

Table

Sign in posters Jen designed
Their wedding included a lot of their likes (hence the Batman poster)

 She included a lot of pictures all over the house--a detail I really liked

 Getting Ready

They had their photos taken at an orchard and used these at the open house. I thought it was a cute detail (their song is also "You Picked Me")

 Another cute photo idea Jen had (that Adalynn and I jumped in after they were done).

 My cute grandpa and the kids. In a later post I will have to show you what we (my grandpa, brother and I) made. It is really cute!

 Taking pictures in my Dad's old restored 56 Ford. I'm bummed I couldn't take more pictures, but I had to get the kids dressed, plus she already had a photographer so I kinda let her do her thing.

I kid you not, every...EVERY person at the open house asked me the same 2 questions

"When are you due?!"
"What are you having?"

I got a lot of sympathetic looks when I told them I still had 5 weeks.

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