Monday, June 27, 2011


I had my 38 checkup today.
I am already dilated to a 6.
The doctor commented "Her head is so low, I'm not even sure how you are still walking around."
Therefore, if I have any regular or strong contractions tomorrow when my doctor is on call, I can go to the hospital and have her. I've only had a few contractions today so we will see what happens.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well, my friends. Here is another one of my random blog updates. Things have been mucho busy as usual. I think this is my first pregnancy where I hope I make it to at least 38 weeks because my "to do" list is still way too long. Partly my fault---I took the kids swimming three times last week when I should have been finishing projects and doing housework. Oh, but swimming felt so good and was so worth it.

Here is what has been going on since we got home from AZ...

Last Saturday I ran out of diapers. And I was just not wanting to go to the store at all. So I told Adalynn "Sorry. We are out of diapers. You have to wear underwear now." And that was that. I figured if it doesn't work, Jared can go out and get diapers after work. Well, she shocked the you-know-what out of me and has done so well. She has had maybe 2 accidents--and now a week later is pretty much potty trained. She still wears a pull-up at night and nap time, but I'm loving it. First time in 5 1/2 years I haven't had to buy diapers.

I've been busy taking photos of cute kiddos. I don't think I will be doing a session for a bit, but I am just so excited to take lots and lots of our new baby! 

Jared's brother Josh sorta moved in with us--but not really. He moved a lot of his stuff in with us and stayed for a bit, then left to work in LA, then came back. All in preparation to be on (I hope I can announce this) Project Runway. Actually I don't have many details other than he made the show and we will know what happened when the rest of the world finds out. There was a film crew here last week for videos that will be online before the show airs. They filmed Josh with Devin and Adalynn. They are just really short videos about the contestants and their homes/families. Pretty exciting stuff, we all hope he does well!
I mentioned in a previous post that Devin was obsessed with Indiana Jones. I don't think "obsessed" quite describes it though. He really thinks he is Indiana Jones. He worked really hard to fill his pom pom jar and as soon as he did, we bought him a hat, whip and shirt at the party store. He wears it almost everyday. Yesterday I made him a satchel (He hates going to Joanns but when I told him we were going to get stuff to make his satchel we couldn't get in the car fast enough). Now he is set on getting a leather jacket like Indiana. He also makes Adalynn reenact scenes from the movie. Poor Adalynn is usually a bad guy that ends up getting whipped. The other day she was Indiana's dad and was dying. He had to get the cup (in his case a sippy cup) and he saved his dad. Next time they do this I am having the video camera ready because it is so funny.
Can you tell what scene the next picture is from??
Miss Diva...

And I am full term as of yesterday! Which means even though I have three weeks until my due date she can come at any time! Hopefully I will get around to posting pictures of her room next.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wedding

Good grief. I have so much to do, so I really shouldn't be blogging, but it is a nice break from the other stuff I am getting done. I only have about three more weeks until this baby is supposed to be here (one if I am early like I was with Adalynn) and unlike before, I am nowhere near ready. I am a little stressed about it. Jared also might be leaving to Chicago for work at the end of next week for a few days (right before I will be 38 weeks) so lets hope she doesn't decide to come those days (anyone want to accompany me to the hospital if that happens?)
So this will be my last wedding post. Jen was married Saturday in Mesa. It was a long and hot day, but really special. My mom and I woke up early to drive down and get our hair done. After lunch, we left the kids with a few of my siblings and attended the wedding/sealing. Thanks Steph for taking the kids swimming!
 Afterward we took some photos and then went back to my brother Johnny's house to kill a few hours before the reception. Adalynn and I went swimming (the second time that day for Adalynn--she loves the water). Then we went to the reception.

 I had a different lens so Josy couldn't fit the whole here are two family photos.

 We had a great time at the reception. Jared and I were planning on leaving early since we had to drive the 90 miles back to my house, but we ended up being one of the last to leave. It was a FUN reception. The food was so, so good. There was good music. A lot of freinds and family to chat with. Dancing. Just all around a good time.

 Her reception was at this really cool location...I really liked the brick walls and hanging lanterns
 Jen's friend made about 9 different wedding cakes...all different flavors. And they were the best wedding cakes I have ever had. Strawberry, cookies & cream, chocolate and peanut butter, and banana cream were just a few of the flavors.

 Devin was fascinated with their car. He kept going up to Jen and telling her "Uh Oh." Then he asked me how they were going to drive and see where they were going with all that "stuff" on their window.

There were so many more details I wish I had taken pictures of...they had a fun "Cloud 9 "theme. Every guest got a small cloud pin (you can see one on me in above pictures). They had Dr Pepper for their guests (a favorite drink of theirs). They also played a "newlywed" type game which was fun to watch.

I really, really liked my sister's photographer. She takes great photos and was really quick (really nice when it is over 100 and you have two whiny kids). So I had to include some of the photos she took (images via All but the first were taken at a separate session a week before the wedding.

Doesn't my sister look stunning!

This one made me laugh
There are a lot more on her website...those were just a few I liked.

Okay, now I really have to get something done today. Right after I take the kids swimming!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Open House

Jen was married on Saturday and had a reception that evening. But she also had an open house Friday night at my parent's house. It was the cutest thing ever. I don't think I realized how much work goes into a wedding-I know my parents and some of my siblings had taken months getting the outside nice and ready. I was only there a week before and we did wedding stuff the entire week. Well, I did as much as my large and awkward body would let me.

Jen had so many awesome details. I just don't remember really doing anything that cute or different at out wedding. We were pretty traditional. I liked that about Jen's wedding--it was unique, had a lot of cute details, and was very personal. Of course, wedding blogs probably didn't exist when I got married and I think that is where she got a lot of her ideas. Plus she is just really creative.

Table

Sign in posters Jen designed
Their wedding included a lot of their likes (hence the Batman poster)

 She included a lot of pictures all over the house--a detail I really liked

 Getting Ready

They had their photos taken at an orchard and used these at the open house. I thought it was a cute detail (their song is also "You Picked Me")

 Another cute photo idea Jen had (that Adalynn and I jumped in after they were done).

 My cute grandpa and the kids. In a later post I will have to show you what we (my grandpa, brother and I) made. It is really cute!

 Taking pictures in my Dad's old restored 56 Ford. I'm bummed I couldn't take more pictures, but I had to get the kids dressed, plus she already had a photographer so I kinda let her do her thing.

I kid you not, every...EVERY person at the open house asked me the same 2 questions

"When are you due?!"
"What are you having?"

I got a lot of sympathetic looks when I told them I still had 5 weeks.