Monday, May 23, 2011

Hannah is 5

About a week ago we went to Hannah's 5th birthday party. Steph always does such cute b-day parties. This one was a mermaid/Ariel theme. Most of the parents just dropped their kids off, but since we live pretty far away we stuck around and visited with Steph, Levi and Levi's brother.
The kids ate dinner, made really cute seashell necklaces and played some fun games. Devin and Adalynn had a great time and loved their goodie bags.

The birthday gang. Devin was the only boy and I think this was the first time he noticed (especially when all the girls dressed up in princess dresses and danced to The Little Mermaid soundtrack). Notice he is keeping his distance. And since the party he has told me quite a few times, "For my next party I want all boys. And Hannah can come but only her."
Okay so this is still making me laugh. Apparently one of the moms mixed up Hannah's card with someone else named Amber. It was just so funny! Something I could see myself doing, for sure.

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