Monday, May 23, 2011

Girls Night

Last weekend Jared and Devin went on the father son campout. Devin was so excited and they had a great time. Of course I have no pictures to show for it. Jared is probably afraid to take my camera anywhere--And I would probably hurt him if something happened to it so I don't blame him. I really want to get a small point and shoot for things like this. And for times I don't want to lug my camera around.

My friend Amy and I decided we should do a girls night. Adalynn and Courtney are the same age and get along well. We first went and got pedicures. I am getting so big--there is no way I can get to my toes and paint them and do a good job so it was really nice. Adalynn did great--I figured she would because she LOVES getting her nails painted at home.

We then ate dinner at Red Robin and after dinner we let the girls play at the park. Amy introduced me to the cutest park--I have no idea how I didn't know about it. It was too dark to take pictures, but you can be sure I will take the kids there soon and post some pictures.

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Jennifer V said...

The photo with just Adalynn toes on the shelf thing or whatever is adorable!! How fun!