Monday, April 25, 2011

Grandpa and Nana

I have so much to blog about. April has been (and still is) one crazy month. We have had so much going on. Which is fun, unless you are big and pregnant and need your rest. But, really, I enjoy keeping busy.

About 2 weeks ago, Jared's dad and Kristi came to visit. Devin and Adalynn have been looking forward to it for a while. It has been about 8 months since we've last seen them, but that didn't seem to matter to the kids. They opened up right away and had a great time. They got here Thursday and we hung out at the house. Adalynn seemed to really love playing with Nana--and having grandpa read to her. Devin was all about playing the Wii with Grandpa.

This was at Devin's soccer practice

After golfing and shopping we took the kids to the park and had lunch.
Friday Jared had to work. Grandpa took Devin to hit a bucket of golf balls while Kristi, Addie, and I went to our favorite stores, Homegoods. Kristi and I love that place! And Kristi is so fabulous at decorating--I probably wore her out getting her advice, but her visit sure motivated me to start decorating some of the rooms in our house.

Jared's dad with his tall cool one after playing steamroller with the kids.

Saturday Devin had a soccer game. I have no idea what his problem was, but he was just not into it AT ALL. This picture really sums up how he is feeling about soccer. I mean, he was seriously so uninterested. All the other kids were running after the ball and at least attempting to get near it and kick it. And Devin was barely walking around with his hands in his pockets, doing, I have no idea.

Adalynn playing with Grandpa. If anyone of our kids have a chance at being athletic, it is going to be Adalynn.

Josh drove up from LA to spend the day with everyone.

Jared's dad also helped up install 2 ceiling fans among other things. Oh my, I love them. They have made such a difference already keeping our rooms cool.

Later that night we tried out the red rock buffet. It was decent, but not our favorite.
Sunday we all pretty much left. We left for CA and Jared's dad and Kristi left for St. George. There has been a bit of debate as to what family Grandpa and Nana love the most. Sam and Sean thought maybe it was them because they were visited first. And Michelle and Justin thought they saved the best for last. Well, I think since they are thinking about retiring closest to us ( just 1 1/2 hours away) they might actually love us the most. Just a thought.


Michelle said...

You made a very valid point Val. I will need to think this over. Love the pictures and I cannot wait to hear about Disneyland.

Brandon said...

Well Andi was the first to call for his birthday and may or may not have made him say that we were his favorites...and they told us to go to Arizona for Optometry school to be close to them. I think they are just playing games with our minds

Samantha said...

Oh Burn Val!!!