Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Disneyland cont.

Wednesday we were at CA Adventure. They were doing a lot of construction and it was a lot more crowded than we expected, but we had a blast. We started at the Toy Story Mania ride, which is a fun, fun ride.

 The kids were so excited to see him and we got in line to get a picture with him. But just as we were getting close to the front of the the line, he took off and these guys replaced him...
Adalynn was not impressed and wouldn't get in the picture.

 Any time Adalynn was nervous or scared she wanted Jared. She usually is a momma's girl, so it was cute to see her ditch me and run to her dad for protection (this was on the Ferris wheel type ride near the top...which even makes me a little nervous).

 Jared took Devin on a swing ride then the the Grizzly River Run. Addie was too short for both of those rides. Devin loved them both even though he got pretty wet on the river run.

 We went to the Playhouse Disney show next. I thought the kids would love it since they love all those shows. Plus it was a nice break from walking and standing in line. We then did the Monsters Inc ride and then headed to A Bug's Land.

 I took Devin on Soaring over California which is on of my favorites. Then we left for dinner.
As you can see Adalynn was OUT and my feet were killing me so we stayed at the hotel and went swimming and Jared and Devin went back to the parks. They did few more rides at CA Adventure then went back to Disneyland to ride Indiana Jones and Buzz Lightyear a few more times. By the time they left Jared said Devin was so tired he was seriously acting like he was drunk.
 Thursday morning, after breakfast, we took the kids swimming. It was cold and sprinkling so Jared and I really didn't want to go, but they were both begging and so excited to go (the things we do for our kids, right?) Once we got in, it felt great. It was a fun way to end out little vacation (and a good way to get the kids tired before the drive home).

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