Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Monsters

Devin's team name is The Blue Monsters--Jared calls them the cookie monsters. Saturday was their first game and I think they won (I thought the final score was 2-1, Jared thought 2-2). Devin seemed to enjoy it at times and at times seemed indifferent. He played a lot though and was the goalie for the second half. I liked that the coaches were out on the field telling the kids what to do and where to kick the ball.
 We joke that he is our butterfly watcher. Or flower picker.


Michelle said...

Do the kids really want to play soccer when there are big blow up toys in the background?
Love the pictures Val. Looks like he's having fun.

Valerie Christensen said...

Actually I think Devin was more into the bounce house and slide than the game...they got to play on it afterwords, but they were keeping their eye on it the whole time.

rachel said...

Love these! Being a pregnant Soccer mom is kind of hard. I hope you are doing alright with it. Especially with another one to run around with on the sidelines! Here's my thoughts with Legoland vs Disneyland. Disneyland is definitely better for smaller children. I took Kimball on Pirates and Peter Pan with me and he was only 18 months when we went. There are more family oriented rides and has more girl stuff. Legoland is awesome for both boys and girls but is more boy oriented. The kids have to be over 4 to ride some of the smaller rides though and Benson was sad when he couldn't ride. We've never been to the aquarium right there though it looked cool. The water park was partially there and was my kids favorite part. Although it was still a little cold when they got off the day we went. I am excited for you guys!! YAY!

Kittyrunner said...

Sounds like Disneyland is coming up?? That would be so fun! I hope you get to go. I love the action shots. :) Cute little guy.